Monday, October 08, 2007

NH: Canario held hostage, Day 6

Special thanks to Dave Ridley of "The Ridley Report" for these timely reports!



Blogger Scott Haley said...

To some...

this may seem like a minor issue; however, consider the following.

Freedom to travel (in this case, drive) in a non-commercial vehicle is a basic right. As long as one does not infringe on the rights or property of another while doing so, there is no reason whatsoever for the government to be involved.

Anyone can learn to drive; and anyone can learn the rules of the road. Charging a fee and requiring permission in the form of a license to drive a personal vehicle is a violation of the common law right to travel.

When we give government the chance to violate one of our rights, we give them the same relative to ANY of our rights. But, people say, society has the right to be certain that individuals CAN in fact drive safely. First, the concept of rights applies ONLY to individuals; there is no such thing as a "right of society". Second, my observations after decades of driving convince me that licensing of drivers does not guarantee that anyone will drive safely.

I say, three cheers for Lauren. No one would have to pay a fee to exercise a basic right if enough people refused to do so.

What's next---a license to leave your home?...a license to speak your mind?...a license to work in a common occupation?...a license to be out after dark?...a license to have more than X amount of money in your wallet?...a license to live?

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