Monday, October 08, 2007

Sheep Fuzzy Wool Speeks: Senior Citizens deserve better than this.

The Great Sheep Fuzzy Wool wrote:

To jail senior citizens for being self sufficient as the funds for social security are not enough to pay back to the baby boomers, told and predicted in many media articles, way before the Brown's decided not to be part of the game, is crazy!

Shame, shame, shame.

We have people elected or fake elected in office playing a national Enron game with paper and their kevlar vested goons, dobermans working for a doggy treat while the Brown's and the like of many others who are senior citizens sitting in jail for tax situations, when these same people should be set free and helping others learn how to be independent and self sufficient to help cut government spendings on useless programs of what all the promises to which "government wasted spending, already incurred, bailing out the housing industry banker buddies," could vanquish by embracing the Brown's and the like.

Jailing people with tax issues is a death sentence to shut people up before their expiration date. To show who a lesson? An example? At the same time collecting much more to house the prisoner from the pockets of those who think the people deserve to be in jail.

Why would we punish people who question law with spending more out of our own pockets to punish them than it would have costed to allow the proper evidence the Brown's requested to use in court?

Why are we an insane people to put the burden of "fair share," on anyone who would like to be self sufficient?

What fool politician does not get on this bandwagon is nothing more than a drunkard in his selfish desires to sleep with young boys or women in the sweat of a brothel and his sagging balls, all paid by taxpayer dollars.



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