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[Lex_Rex] NOT GUILTY! HUNG JURY! 189 IRS counts bite the dust in Las Vegas case

NOT GUILTY! HUNG JURY! 189 IRS counts bite the dust in Las Vegas case

Monday, September 17th 2007 - Christopher Hansen

I just got the call. Joel Hansen, the Independent American Party's attorney has informed me that of the 189 count indictment against 9 defendants the government did not get a single conviction. Several of the defendants were acquitted. The government was unable to convict any of the other defendants on any charge but did manage to hang the jury of five of the defendants so if they choose to the government can retry
those defendants.

Let us pray the government wastes no more tax dollars (whatever that is) on prosecuting these innocent men and women. It is the IRS and the judges in this case that deserve to be in prison. (More on that in articles to come.)

Alex Loglia's defense attorney is Joel Hansen. Joel was able to discover that the jury deadlocked 7 to acquit to 5 to convict on the charges against him. We do not have the numbers concerning the other defendants at this time.

This case has been very interesting as it is about gold and silver dollars minted since 1986 A.D. It is about the difference between a gold or silver dollars and a Federal Reserve Notes. It is about the meaning of words.

Blacks Law 6th addition states that notes are not money. So what is a Federal Reserve Note and why do you pay taxes with them? Taxes are to be paid in dollars. So what is a dollar? Have you asked your Congressman? You should. Write him or her today and
demand to know the legal definition of a dollar.

Robert Furman - Not Guilty all charges
Ronald Ruggles - Not Guilty all charges
Myra Buonomo - Not Guilty all charges
Joel Axberg - Not Guilty all charges

Debra Rosenbaum - Not Guilty 8 counts 7201, Hung on 371
Danielle Alires - Not Guilty 371, Hung on Bank fraud and 7201

Robert Kahre - Hung all counts
Lori Kahre-Rasmussen - Hung all counts
Alexander Loglia - Hung all counts


Editor's Note: "Lex Rex" means "The King Is Law". Samuel Rutherford's political book, Lex, Rex, presented a theory of limited government and constitutionalism. It laid the foundation for later political philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes and John Locke and thus for modern political systems such as that of the United States. After the Restoration, English authorities burned Lex, Rex and cited the author for high treason, which his death prevented from taking effect.

Rutherford supported the rule by law rather than rule by men, based on such concepts as the separation of powers and the covenant, a precursor to the social contract. His was also known for his spiritual and devotional works, such as Christ Dying and drawing Sinners to Himself and his Letters. Rutherford was a strong supporter of the divine right of Presbytery, the principle that the Bible calls for Presbyterian church government. Among his polemical works are Due Right of Presbyteries (1644), Lex, Rex (1644), and Free Disputation against Pretended Liberty of Conscience.



Blogger Mad Dog Marine said...

"Once the criminal cases are over, Kahre will pursue related civil
actions he has filed against several parties, including federal
prosecutor Damm, Internal Revenue Service agents and North Las Vegas
police officers who had roles in the raid or indictment process."

Thank GOD someone is ready to go on the OFFENSE. You don't win any battles always playing DEFENSE.
We Marines know this. These criminal BASTARDS need to be financially ruined into oblivion.
Go after them like Goldman goes after OJ Simpson.
Thank you Mr.Kahre and all others involved in this case. May God's Blessings continue to be with you.


for great pictures of the Sept.15 anti-war rally see

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