Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Police Beat Town Councilman Then Arrest Him For Assault

David Snyder talks about Friday's Roseland town council meeting

Roseland town council member David Snyder is calling for the resignation of a town marshal after a fight at Friday night's meeting.

Snyder says while he was being arrested, he became a victim of police brutality.

He was released from jail Saturday afternoon, when a felony charge of battery of a police officer was dropped.

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Also read more and watch video here.


Blogger Jeremy Hier said...

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5:28 PM  
Blogger Mad Dog Marine said...

Man,this is great. Let's keep the ball rolling.
How about a full swat team surrounds
a one room AMISH school(yes, I said AMISH)

"Those children were in there crying and screaming, 'They're going to shoot us.'"'

5:52 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

BOYCOTT. Here's one tool of civil disobedience---

Notice and Affirmation

Whereas the Declaration of Independence states with clarity that all individuals are endowed with certain unalienable rights; and,
Whereas the Declaration illustrates that said rights are independent of any government; and,
Whereas I affirm that I possess said unalienable rights, and thus possess individual sovereignty; and,
Whereas in Common Law an individual is free to do whatever one wishes, as long as that individual does not trespass upon the rights or property of another individual and honors all lawful contracts;

Now Therefore:

I refuse your paperwork that alleges violations of law or contract foreign to my venue, which no oath, promise, or common law attaches me thereto.

Your documents were received but not accepted.

All items are refused for cause without dishonor and without recourse to me.

Your paperwork is returned herewith because it is irregular, incomplete, and void process.

Further foreign intrusion upon my sovereignty by you or any agent of yours shall result in my charge of $200.00 per hour (or portion thereof) for any time that I must spend responding.

Recovery of charges shall be pursued in de jure common law superior court.

I affirm and attest that, to the best of my knowledge, the above is true and correct. So stated by Affiant: ___________, in ___________ County, ____

(signature)_________________________________ Date _____________

This Notice received by: (print name) _________________________________

(signature)_________________________________ Date ______________

6:16 PM  

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