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Video of road block at ed and elaine's house on 9/15/2007

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Blogger TruePatriot said...

"Papers please, let me see your papers." Those are the words, which many of us heard so often in the movies depicting the pre Iron Curtain era of the Former Soviet Union & Eastern Germany.

Well, so much for land of the free! Say hello to the Gestapo USA!
Wake up people!!!

3:53 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

Wake up, indeed.

Every adult in this former Republic of the U.S. should be boycotting all levels of Govt. The State, County, and City officials are just as guilty as the Fed Govt, for allowing things like this to happen.

Too bad the general American public is content with bread and circuses.

BOYCOTT. Here's one tool of civil disobedience---

Notice and Affirmation

Whereas the Declaration of Independence states with clarity that all individuals are endowed with certain unalienable rights; and,
Whereas the Declaration illustrates that said rights are independent of any government; and,
Whereas I affirm that I possess said unalienable rights, and thus possess individual sovereignty; and,
Whereas in Common Law an individual is free to do whatever one wishes, as long as that individual does not trespass upon the rights or property of another individual and honors all lawful contracts;

Now Therefore:

I refuse your paperwork that alleges violations of law or contract foreign to my venue, which no oath, promise, or common law attaches me thereto.

Your documents were received but not accepted.

All items are refused for cause without dishonor and without recourse to me.

Your paperwork is returned herewith because it is irregular, incomplete, and void process.

Further foreign intrusion upon my sovereignty by you or any agent of yours shall result in my charge of $200.00 per hour (or portion thereof) for any time that I must spend responding.

Recovery of charges shall be pursued in de jure common law superior court.

I affirm and attest that, to the best of my knowledge, the above is true and correct. So stated by Affiant: ___________, in ___________ County, ____

(signature)_________________________________ Date _____________

This Notice received by: (print name) _________________________________

(signature)_________________________________ Date ______________

5:56 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

Here's ANOTHER tool of civil disobedience:

NOTICE of Understanding and Intent And CLAIM of Right

Whereas it is my understanding that the United States is a common law jurisdiction, and,
Whereas it is my understanding equality before the law is paramount and mandatory, and,
Whereas it is my understanding a statute is defined as a legislated rule of society which has been given the force of law, and,
Whereas it is my understanding a society is defined as a number of people joined by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal, and,
Whereas it is my understanding the only form of government recognized as lawful in the United States is a representative one, and,
Whereas it is my understanding representation requires mutual consent, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that in the absence of mutual consent neither representation nor governance can exist, and,
Whereas it is my understanding all Acts are statutes restricted in scope and applicability by the Constitution, and,
Whereas it is my understanding people in the United States have an unalienable right to revoke or deny consent to be represented and thus governed, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and,
Whereas it is my understanding if anyone does revoke or deny consent they exist free of government control and statutory restraints, and,
Whereas a Freeman-on-the-Land has lawfully revoked consent and does exist free of statutory restrictions, obligations, and limitations, and,
Whereas I, Scott C. Haley, am a Freeman-on-the-Land, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that acting peacefully within community standards does not breach
the peace, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that any action for which one can apply for and receive a license must itself be a fundamentally lawful action, and,
Whereas as I am a Freeman-on-the-Land who operates with full responsibility and not a child, I do not see the need to ask permission to engage in lawful and peaceful activities, especially from those who claim limited liability, and,
Whereas it is my understanding a by-law is defined as a rule of a corporation, and,
Whereas it is my understanding corporations are legal fictions and require contracts in order to claim authority or control over other parties, and,
Whereas it is my understanding legal fictions lack a soul and cannot exert any control over those who are thus blessed and operate with respect to that knowledge as only a fool would allow soulless fictions to dictate ones actions, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that I have a right to use my property without having to pay for the use or enjoyment of it, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that a summons is merely an invitation to attend and the ones issued by the Government create no obligation or dishonor if ignored, and,
Whereas it is my understanding peace officers have a duty to distinguish between statutes and law and those who attempt to enforce statutes against a Freeman-on-the-Land are in fact breaking the law, and,
Whereas I have the power to refuse intercourse or interaction with peace officers who have not observed me breach the peace, and,
Whereas permanent estoppel by acquiescence barring any peace officer or prosecutor from bringing charges against a Freeman-on-the-Land under any Act is created if this claim is not responded to in the stated fashion and time,

NOW THEREFORE, be it now known to any and all concerned and affected parties, that I, Scott C. Haley, a Freeman-on-the-Land do hereby state clearly specifically and unequivocally my intent to peacefully and lawfully exist free of all statutory obligations restrictions and maintain all rights at law to trade, exchange or barter .
Furthermore, I claim that these actions are not outside my communities’ standards and will in fact support said community in our desire for truth and maximum freedom.
Furthermore, I claim the right to engage in these actions and further claim that all property held by me is held under a claim of natural right.
Furthermore, I claim that anyone who interferes with my lawful activities after having been served notice of this claim and who fails to properly dispute or make lawful counterclaim is breaking the law, cannot claim good faith or color of right and that such transgressions will be dealt with in a properly convened court de jure.
Furthermore, I claim that the courts in the United States are de-facto and bound by Law and Equity and are in fact in the profitable business of conducting, witnessing and facilitating the transactions of security interests and I further claim they require the consent of both parties prior to providing any such services.
Furthermore, I claim all transactions of security interests require the consent of both parties and I do hereby deny consent to any transaction of a security interest issuing under any Act for as herein stated as a Freeman-on-the-Land I am not subject to any Act.
Furthermore, I claim my FEE SCHEDULE for any transgressions by peace officers, government principals or agents or justice system participants is TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS PER HOUR or portion thereof if being questioned, interrogated or in any way detained, harassed or otherwise regulated and TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS PER HOUR or portion thereof if I am handcuffed, transported, incarcerated or subjected to any adjudication process without my express written and Notarized consent.
Furthermore, I claim the right to use a Notary Public to secure payment of the aforementioned FEE SCHEDULE against any transgressors who by their actions or omissions harm me or my interests, directly or by proxy in any way.
Furthermore, I claim the right to convene a proper court de jure in order to address any potentially criminal actions of any peace officers, government principals or agents or justice system participants who having been served notice of this claim fail to dispute or discuss or make lawful counterclaim and then interfere by act or omission with the lawful exercise of properly claimed and established rights and freedoms.
Furthermore, I claim the law of agent and principal applies and that service upon one is service upon both.
Furthermore, I claim the right to deal with any counterclaims or disputes publicly and in an open forum using discussion and negotiation and to capture on video tape said discussion and negotiation for whatever lawful purpose as I see fit.
Affected parties wishing to dispute the claims made herein or make their own counterclaims must respond appropriately within TEN (10) days of service of notice of this action. Reponses must be under Oath or attestation, upon full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and registered by a Notary Public no later than ten days from the date of original service as attested to by way of certificate of service.

Failure to register a dispute against the claims made herein will result in an automatic default judgment and permanent and irrevocable estoppel by acquiescence barring the bringing of charges under any statute or Act against My Self, Freeman-on-the-Land, Scott C. Haley.
Place of claim of right: Washington State, Republic of the United States of America
Dated: __________________________________

Claimant: ________________________________

Notary Public: ____________________________

6:05 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

If you receive a "Notice", respond by handing THEM a Notice.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

Here's a thought...

Those of you in the area/region near the Browns, form a convoy. Drive up to the roadblock one at a time (in line), and when they hand you the red Notice...

turn around and hand them your own Notice.

Why not? Perhaps then they won't be as smug as they were with the drivers & passengers in the video.


7:42 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...


When they hand you the red Notice, turn it over and write on the back, "I don't want your paper.", or, "Refused for Cause", or, "Thanks, but I don't need this.", or, "Have a good day."---

Then turn around and drive away SMILING. [Let's find out if it's now against the law to SMILE.]

That will probably piss them off.


7:53 PM  
Blogger expat said...

Been there done all that. It really doesn't matter what notice you give. If you disobey their will, no matter how peacefully and lawfully, you have committed the most grievous offence possible - lack of respect of their authority. This is viewed as a much more heinous offense than an actual crime, assault or murder even against another regular person, and will result in a greater retaliatory response against those who would dare to question authority. They have the guns, the goons, the courts and the jails and will use them to maintain their authority. Make no mistake they will kill you for just standing up for your natural God given rights if you do not eventually succumb to their authority. Unless you are prepared to fight to the death, as the Brown's appear to be, and accept the consequences the situation seems very bleak for liberty in America. Someday the public may get fed up enough to revolt and reclaim their heritage but I don't see that happening soon. Until then go along to get along or leave. If anyone wants to play at liberty the goons have a room next to Danny Riley's for you just waiting. Please don't think that I don't sympathize with the cause of liberty in America. It is just that it isn't very good for your health right now.

12:26 AM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

Yes, basically I agree with you.

That's why:
1) It must be done on a MASSIVE scale, in a coordinated effort. They cannot put hundreds of thousands (never mind millions) of sovereign individuals in prison at once. It's impossible on several levels.
2) Our FIRST priority should be to GET ORGANIZED. As I suggested before, we need a website devoted solely to organizing and implementing civil disobedience events on a massive scale.
3) Everything on this website is all well & good (and appreciated), but it's not enough. The purpose of this site is not to organize civil disobedience nationally.
4) If we don't get organized, then we're simply floundering around with uncoordinated attempts to resist the Gestapo
Corporatocracy ...and getting picked off one by one. Just as you described.

As we opined previously, it's beginning to look as though the majority of Americans really don't want Freedom...or at least do not want to do the tough work necessary to restore it. Worse, it's beginning to look as though a majority of folks in the Liberty Movement do not want to do the required work. Only a few brave spirits are out there doing something.

It doesn't take a majority of the entire populace to accomplish something significant, but it does take hundreds of thousands of people (in this case). Those people need to step up to the plate. In order for that to happen, we need a central place (website is the only reasonable option) for them to get organized.

If I weren't dirt poor and a techno-idiot, I'd set up the website myself. Someone, or some group, with the resources and expertise needs to help us strike a blow for Liberty.

It seems to me that our options are as follows:
"go along to get along";
resist peacefully in isolated, uncoordinated ways (which is what is being done now);
armed revolt---which is a REALLY bad idea, & would be quickly & thoroughly crushed (and would set back this movement by decades);
resist peacefully in a massive, planned, coordinated effort.

I think the last is the only reasonable choice...and one that could be successful.


1:24 AM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...


The Bob Schulz website (givemeliberty), while admirable, is not the type of site I'm talking about in the comment above. It was focused too narrowly, and primarily on elements of the Fed Govt.

I'm talking about getting organized to peacefully resist ALL levels of boycott State, County, & City levels as well as the Fed level. States, Counties, & Cities are (in general) complicit in the Fed crimes because they do nothing to stop said crimes.

1:37 AM  
Blogger expat said...

I think you are right I just don't think enough people feel the loss of their liberty strongly enough now. They are like walking dead men in total denial. I think the next election will confirm this. I just don't want new people to the cause to make mistakes that have already been made and get the same results. Better to have them out of jail and alive when the right time comes, if it ever does. Another consideration is that mass peaceful resistance only works if the ruling class is a moral and just one. They relinquish rule after all because it is the right thing to do. It worked in India against the British. It worked for the Civil Rights movement. I am not so sure it is going to work this time around. It is going to be messy.

1:46 AM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

You could very well be right (in the last half of your comment).

By the way, I made a slight error when I stated that massive civil disobedience is the only reasonable option. Leaving is also a reasonable option for some people...just not me...I'm too old and set in my ways.


2:48 AM  
Blogger expat said...

Yes, leaving is an option. Some might think that it is a coward’s way out. Not really. It is a difficult choice as you realize. I equate it to the fox that gnaws his leg off to escape the trap and remain free in body and spirit. It is not easy to leave family, country, heritage and birthright. Many have done it of course with only the shirt on their backs. I was more fortunate. I didn’t have to crawl under barbed wire I left on a 747. It is still hard though. In my heart I will always be a patriot for the American Jeffersonian ideal. The world is closing in on us old dinosaurs but I still feel freer outside of America and fear for my country’s future. From the outside looking in I can only hope that our country wakes up. There are some hard times ahead.
PS: It is always a pleasure to bounce ideas off of you. Best of luck to you. I know liberty burns in your heart too.

6:35 AM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

This country needs:


11:51 AM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

To expat:

Many thanks...and right back atchya.

To truepatriot:

Amen to that. Now, if we in the Liberty Movement will JUST GET ORGANIZED...first things first.


12:37 PM  
Blogger Jeremy Hier said...

Hey Scott and Expat,

Nice posts. I'm frustrated about this whole thing. I feel like my life is on hold.

I lived abroad for 4 great years teaching English, came back to the U.S. with a wife.

We are living with my family to save money. My wife found a pretty good job, I don't want to teach anymore in the US, my job is so-so,
still trying to make it with my online business.

What frustrates me is wondering where the US is headed, should I buy real estate in the US, maybe real estate crashes, or later we are not allowed to own property.

Should I keep my savings in US dollars, or change into Euros, or gold. Who wants to work for worthless dollars.

There are too many what ifs in the US.

On the surface Americans can choose what job they want, they can try and make as much money as they can,
without trouble as long as you pay the irs mafia.

I don't see any rich people complaining.

So far as long as you play along American life is pretty much unchanged.

People work, pay taxes, have weekends off, travel, etc.

Will this change I don't know.

I'm starting to lean toward going abroad, I don't want to invest in the US and then they muck it up.

1:24 PM  
Blogger expat said...

Life is still pretty easy in the USA and there are still many advantages to living there. Your experience abroad has probably made you aware of this. I don’t see any rapid changes taking effect just the slow decay of a failed empire. Fast forward the clock 20 years of more of the same and try to determine if you like what you see. If not it is time to leave. If you have children your time horizon must expand to include their future. Immigration to favorable countries is becoming harder each year. Many have age limits and financial requirements. While it is still possible you may want to consider establishing residency and work toward citizenship in another country. It is possible to do this in five years. Keep your passport current and your options open. Make sure your wife retains her homeland passport and gets a USA passport too. This will give you more options. There are governments and taxes everywhere. You just can’t escape them anymore but some are starting to offer better deals than the USA. Do you expect your taxes to go down, to ever see a dime of SS, your dollars to be worth more or your freedoms to increase in the USA? Is your country being run in a business like way with your interest in mind? People have been voting with their feet since the beginning of time. It is a big world and the USA is not the only country worth considering. Best of luck to you and your family.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

To Jeremy:

I would agree with expat. The total decay of the U.S. may be years away, but it's coming. [It might be hastened by some idiot such as King George, who wants to remain King.] Things look especially bad for our fiat money system and, or course, our freedom.

I would add this...

There is a slim chance that our Constitutional Republic will be restored. I emphasize SLIM.

I'm grateful that my only son (31 yrs old) has dual citizenship---here and in Canada. Canada has relatively high taxes, but their government seems to be less aggressive and more reasonable than ours. The populace also seems to be a lot mellower than here as well.

At my stage of life (retired, age 64), I'm going to stay here. I'll probably step into the fullness of the Void (am a Buddhist) before our whole system collapses...or they put me in prison. And as I said, there's a small chance that things will turn around. I might even live to see it.

You are right...too many unknowns here presently. But then, that makes it interesting...and challenging. Keep your options open.

If I were in your shoes, one thing I would do is buy a house. Prices should be fairly good about now. Despite the current housing fiasco, usually it is quite easy to sell at a profit. [Forgive me if you already know this, but NEVER get an adjustable mortgage; always get a fixed-rate mortgage.] If you can't afford to buy at this time, do so as soon as possible. Just my opinion.


Invest in silver. It may hit $50 an ounce in the forseeable future. Even if it doesn't, it will most likely stay near its present price...and would be a hedge against inflation and fiat money collapse. What most folks seem to fail to realize is that even with "low" price inflation, the money supply continues to inflate...thus making each "dollar" (Fed Reserve Note) worth less. Plus, the Govt lies---inflation is NOT at 2-3% (or whatever they claim now); it's more like 10%. The central planners (in their infinite wisdom) do NOT include the cost of food, housing, or energy when they figure the rate of price inflation!

Well, I'm rambling.

My advice: don't rush out of here, but as expat suggested, be prepared...keep that option open. There is absolutely no dishonor (as you apparently know) in making a life elsewhere...especially when your government deserts its founding principles. [Plus, you can still stay in the Liberty game, as expat has done.]

Best Wishes,

7:18 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...


RE: "Invest in silver."---

Gold would be better, but it's pretty pricey right now!

7:22 PM  
Blogger Jeremy Hier said...

Appreciate your replies Scott and Expat.

Fast forward a few decades if things continue on course, we would be living in the North American Union, with a new currency, and everyone is monitored in some way. If you do something wrong, you have no rights at all.

If people can still have jobs, and have there own businesses, in order to try to become financially free, that is tolerable, sort of.

But if it becomes the way Alex Jones thinks it will, it is time to go asap.

Is Alex just being a good marketer,
what is the probability of what he says, happening.

9:25 AM  
Blogger expat said...

Predicting the future is impossible. I have been reading bearish stock market reports of the impending cataclysmic crash for the past 30+ years. Will it happen someday? Probably but if you aren’t careful you can become immobilized with fear worrying about such things and miss out on living life. Things go along pretty much the same day in day out then something happens that changes things overnight. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are examples that affected everyone. Think of your own life. It’s the same. You left for college. You met your wife. Things are changed forever. What will the next major change be that affects us all? That’s the fun part of life. We just don’t know. That’s why we need to stay tuned in to see what happens. The unfair part is that just about the time you have enough experience to have things figured out you die. I love listening to Alex Jones too. He is a great showman and does have some good arguments. There are some evil people out there. History is full of them. What can a normal guy do? Number one: Enjoy life and your family. After that: Keep your ear to the ground. Stay informed. Keep liquid. Keep your options open. When conditions dictate don’t be afraid to make a bold move. Maintain a current passport. Someday it may become the most important document you have.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Jeremy Hier said...

Thanks Expat, I hear ya.

All the Best.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Tyler Moore said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Tyler Moore said...

That one cop looks like a frakin' Nazi in the black and red uniform and the gray hat.

Good Lord, where are we going?

6:52 PM  

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