Saturday, September 15, 2007

Audio Moblog With Ed Brown

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Ed reports that it's raining and very grey/cloudy in Plainfield right now. People have been arriving yesterday and overnight. It's going to be a quiet day and they are going to remain positive. According to Ed the WTPRN videographer - Terry - was threatened with sodomy during his interrogation with the Feds earlier this week. There have been strangers walking in the woods nearby and they've intercepted walkie-talkier communications of what could have been the same people. Ed has not heard from any one of the four individuals who were arrested. A plane and a helicopter were flying overhead yesterday or the day before.

Ed said that the mood of very quite and somber. The "Fall Freedom Fest" will go on, but they are not expecting nearly as many folks due to the weather, etc. Ed said "who knows....we may end up playing horseshoes out in the front yard in the rain."



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