Saturday, September 15, 2007

From Reader Comment at Ed and Elaine MySpace

A jury will never convict these patriots. This is harassment, plain and simple. The IRS has shot itself in the foot. This move will demonstrate to millions who the real enemies of the Constitution are. They aren't on the other side of the world; they’re right here in our backyards occupying some of the highest offices of our country.

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Blogger expat said...

I hate to be contrary but I believe that these men will be convicted in Federal Court by a judge or a jury, their choice, unless the most vigorous defense is mounted in their behalf. They will then be treated to "diesel therapy" as they are moved from prison to prison so their loved ones remain out of contact not knowing where they are for long periods of time. There is no limit to the dirty tricks that the system has in store for them. How many innocent honorable men do we know that are in prison at this moment that have broken no laws? Irwin Schiff, Dick Simkanin, Dr. Ward Dean.... The list goes on and on. How many of you have sat in Federal District courts and watched your friends railroaded into fictitious convictions on fictitious charges and into prison? It is really an eye opener. Truth, justice and the American way have nothing to do with the path these men now find themselves on. The system is set to grind them up and make an example of them. It is the systems job. It is a very efficient and highly paid system too. Even if they are released on bond the system is set in motion to eventually to make them pay for their contemptuous lack of respect for the systems authority, the greatest crime that can be committed against the system. Welcome to the new America.

5:51 AM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

I have to agree.

The Constitutional Republic into which I was born is long gone.

Boycott all levels of Govt whenever possible. It's our only reasonable option left...peaceful civil disobedience.

If you receive a "Notice" from the authorities, give them your own "Notice".

See: more-practical-sovereignty.html

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