Friday, September 14, 2007

Latest Newsletter from Pete Hendrickson

Recognizing their inability to prove the payment of "wages" in this case, the DOJ/IRS have switched to the assertion that all receipts are taxable. However:

"The fact is, throughout hundreds of pages of briefs and other filings in this case, Plaintiff, a massively funded, massively staffed organization which views this matter as:

“...hav[ing] significant administrative importance to the enforcement of the internal revenue laws, [which] has been designated within the Department of Justice, Tax Division, as a high priority case” “requir[ing] greater than average time and attention” and “an extra level of review within the Tax Division,”

according to its motion to this Court for extended briefing time, has NOT ONCE quoted a single ruling or statute which declares that all earnings, or all receipts, or all “amounts paid” are “wages”, or “income”, or are taxable-- thus effectively conceding that this is not true."

And in regard to the injunction sought:

"In all its filings, where its huge staff has unquestionably taken its very best shot, Plaintiff has cited NOT ONE LAW requiring a 1040 filer to simply accept and adopt third-party information and NOT ONE LAW prohibiting a filer from disputing such information. There ARE no such laws regarding third-party information, nor could there be. Any such law would profoundly offend due process principles and conflict with numerous specific tax-related statutes, including many which explicitly require freely-given testimony to the best of the filer’s knowledge and belief and others which explicitly provide for a filer disputing third-party information.

Moreover, Plaintiff has cited NOT ONE LAW, “internal revenue” or otherwise, which it seeks to enforce, defend or support in any manner here, or which is implicated or offended by our actions in any fashion. There is no such law."

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