Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday, August 31 -- Update

Dear Ed & Elaine Supporters,

We have some important updates for you today.

Fed's Try to Buy Way Into Browns' Property

The first update concerns a failed plot by the feds to capture Ed alive on his private property. The feds tried to get a dump truck driver to allow them to hide in his truck. They would then "jump out and taser Ed" when Ed went to pay the truck driver for the dirt he delivered. The truck driver refused to help them -- so the feds even went multiple times to his house. They began to BRIBE him with "MONEY" (Federal Reserve Notes -- wartime worthless paper scrip I'm sure). He didn't want to get in the middle of it. Can you believe the level the feds will stoop to? I can! We've been seeing it all along. To read the whole thing, CLICK HERE Launches Action Network for Persecuted Men and Women

This has been something in the works for quite some time. There are literally MILLIONS of men and women who have been terribly persecuted by the de facto government in America. Every day thousands are wrongfully arrested, imprisoned, robbed, and worse. Now we had a dedicated section in our forums for this sort of thing. People can post their stories, the facts, the evidence to the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION. This is where you can shine the light on corruption and evil. Criminals beware!!! We have 3 people featured so far, Ray Karczewski©, myself, and my wife. Although I've been persecuted many times, the most recent was pretty bad. I was arrested for offering silver -- specifically the Liberty Dollar private currency -- at an outdoor ice cream place in Wisconsin. According to the Liberty Dollar creator, Bernard von NotHaus, this is only the 4th time that an arrest has occurred for trading (or offering in my case) the private solid silver currency. Is there no more freedom of trade in America? For more info, please check out:

Ed & Elaine Fund Raiser Receives Over $1,300 in Support So Far

We're very happy to announce that we've raised quite a bit of money for Ed & Elaine. The money is and already has been used to support their stand and ensure their safety. The money also pays for and other expenses that may come up. Furthermore, it may be used to host the Fall Freedom Fest coming up in just 2 weeks as well! We only ask that those who can afford to spare a few dollars (or as much as you can spare) do so as soon as possible. You can donate online by clicking here. There are also instructions on how to send checks/money orders. Please do not let FEAR keep you from donating. You can anonymously send a money order. For the millions of supporters we have -- we should be able to raise hundreds of thousands of FRNs to support the Browns. If we aren't able to stop the wolf at the Browns' door -- it will be at our door tomorrow. Don't expect others to help you if we all don't help the Browns NOW. Thank you for your support, and thanks to everyone who has already donated so far!

Sincerely yours in Love, Truth, and Freedom,

Shaun Kranish©


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