Monday, August 06, 2007

Covering The Death Of The Old Controlled Media (OCM)

We The People Are Witnessing The Extinction Of A Species

Like birds chirping happily before the dawn of a new sun, the people of the earth are waking up to the truth. We are communicating directly with each other in new ways that bypass the controllers who have been withholding the truth from us for centuries. Institutionalized forms of slavery are being exposed to the light of this "new day" that is dawning on mankind. Here's an example of another installment of this coverage:

Romney supporters outdo the Ron Paul machine at Iowa debate?

Editor's Note: We are looking for more comparisons of grassroots reporting (New Media) vs. old controlled media (OCM) reporting. Be part of documenting the return of this new era of sunshine (truth) and passing of this dark era (fraud, evil, corruption)!!



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