Monday, August 06, 2007

Audio Moblog With John Kurr, Organizer of the Des Moines IA Meetup Group Supporting Ron Paul

John was "on the ground" yesterday with 100+ other Ron Paul supporters chanting and whooping it up in the "protest area" outside the forum where the ABC Iowa Republican debates were being held. There were only 15 supporters for Romney and 10 or less for Rudy and next to none for the other candidates. According to John, the voices of the Ron Paul supporters could be heard echoing throughout the buildings all around the neighborhood. John also talks in depth about his eye-witness experience with a Fox News sponsored "focus group" which may or may not be aired/used. There were over 2000 people in this restaurant in attendance and 40 individuals were pre-selected for this focus group airing. The responses from this group were almost - across in the board - in strong support of Ron Paul. There was one question when Fox News asked the group to raise their hands and 30 were raised in support of Ron Paul (75 %). As this was happening the one of the Fox producers made the comment - something like - "please don't feel like your being pressured or intimidated to support Ron Paul because of all the Ron Paul supporters here in town" etc.

John also talks about upcoming plans this week by We The People - and hundreds (if not thousands) of others - to ensure a fair and accurate vote in the Iowa Straw poll this Saturday, August 11th. Click here and here and here for more about this plan.

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Blogger dskap said...

These Diebold machines are really "Diabolic" machines.
How obvious is their wicked ways!

2:43 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Please cast your vote on paper!

Please refer to this link and learn how dangerous these machine voting systems are to the voters of America.

Just left click on this link 3 times to highlight it, then right click once, copy and paste into your browser, then GO.

2:25 AM  

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