Monday, August 06, 2007

Scott Haley, Founder of "Individual Sovereignty" Comments On Danny Riley's 8/6 Statement

Danny Riley wrote:

What is a peaceful solution to the Brown’s situation in Plainfield, New Hampshire? The Marshals say “turn yourself in and you won’t be harmed”, The Browns reply with “turn myself in for what? We have not broken any laws”. The Marshals are just doing their job they exclaim, in their minds a person has been convicted and they been order to apprehend by the court. The Marshals are not concerned with the moral issues and questions of corruption and a non-law conviction that arises from this case. For the most part the Marshals are probably good Americans, willing to defend the country, but the Marshals probably have not researched and investigated the greater issues involved here, such as the federal reserve fraud, the IRS fraud of not being able to produce a liability clause in the law, and the lawlessness of the federal courts, not allowing due process. Read the rest of Danny's statement here.

Scott Haley responded:

Well done...a thought-provoking article.

There are a number of extremely unfortunate and frustrating aspects to this whole situation. Here are a few---

1. Marshals (or other law enforcement folks) are not going to show Ed & Elaine the Law in question...because they don't have the desire to do so, much less the expertise to even attempt it. The misapplied 26 USC, Subtitle A, Chapter 1 is so lengthy, convoluted and confusing that most BARflies (attorneys) have a tough time trying to explain it. Read more here.



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