Monday, July 16, 2007

Truth Attack Hits Illinois State Senator Chris Lauzen

We received this email this morning from Mike Fogelsanger who hails from Sycamore Illinois:

Details of Tom Cryer's trial, and the loss of the I.R.S. on a Income Tax case!

Date: July 15, 2007 8:35 pm (10 hours ago)
From Mike Fogelsanger (
To: Illinois State Senator Chris Lauzen & Contacts list
Subject: Details of Tom Cryer's trial, and the loss of the I.R.S. on a Income Tax case!


I know you are busy trying to get a buget done for the State, and I understand it is hard work. But I thought you may find the below information interesting, so I have provided it for your review. We have talked about the Income Tax issue for years, and yet here is another case were if the jury can see the evidence they tend to find the defendant not guilty! Since you have seen Arron Russo's movie America;Freedom To Fascism you already know much of this information. But we have several cases now to look at, Tom Cryer, Joe Banister (former I.R.S. agent), Vernice Kuglin, and here in Illinois Gaylon Harrel all found NOT GUILTY on Income Tax cases. So there must be some doubt about the Tax code and who it applies to.

I hope you will start asking the questions that need to be asked, because when we ask them they are simply ignored. We need to know can you SHOW ME THE LAW that makes us liable for the Federal Income Tax? If not, the Illinois State bubget will have more problems. Because the Illinois State Income Tax clearly requires that you must be liable for Federal Income Tax in order to be liable for the State Income Tax. So if there is no clear liability then there is no obligation to pay either Tax!

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