Monday, July 09, 2007

The Revolution and Ron Paul: 100 Years In The Making

By Bill Price

Many years ago, a very courageous Congressman, Charles A. Lindbergh Sr., introduced a resolution to have certain shady monetary practices investigated. These “monetary practices” were known back then to belong to a group called the “Money Trust”. Pressure from Congressman Lindbergh forced J. Pierpont Morgan, the wealthiest banker in the world, and Jacob Schiff, arguably the wealthiest financer in New York at the time, to make appearances before the U.S. Congress and do some explaining. Mr. Schiff, under oath, told the Congressional committee, in substance: “…If individuals can accomplish a monopoly (he believed) they should not be hampered by law!” -Banking and Currency and the Money Trust, Charles A. Lindberg, Sr. Mr. Schiff stated before the committee that he never lent money to anyone he did not personally know, no matter how good their securities were. In other words, Jacob was not an equal opportunity lender. Unless you would lick Mr. Schiff’s boots, you would remain on the outside looking in. The “revolution” that people are now attributing to Dr. Paul, was actually started almost 100 years ago by Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. Lindbergh was mainly elected to Congress by the farmers from his district in Minnesota. The farmers believed they were getting the shaft from private money lenders/creators, the “Money Trust”.

Dirty Political “Maneuvering” and Crimes

“In the spring of 1918, according to Lindbergh’s law partner, Walter Quigley, government agents entered the plant where Your Country at War was being printed and ordered the owner to destroy all the plates of the book and an earlier book Banking and Currency and the Money Trust, and all copies of both books. A few thousand copies of the former had already been printed and shipped to Minnesota, but the rest were destroyed…” -The Last Hero, Walter S. Ross. Read more here.


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