Thursday, June 07, 2007

Theft of Elaine Brown's Business Place Underway

Word went out this morning among Ed and Elaine Brown supporters that the Brown home was being attacked by ATF agents. Stephen Monier of the US Marshal's Office gave a brief press conference near Ed and Elaine Brown's home this afternoon. The Marshals were there to assist Department of Treasury police in the seizure of Elaine Brown's business place in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. They were near the Brown home early this morning, making sure that Ed and Elaine were home and not at the place of business.

Read article and see more photos at Keene Free Press.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ed Brown's power and phone line has been cut - the Brown's are still under siege!

New Hampshire police erected a mile around seclusion zone, set up armed roadblocks, closed airspace, cut the Brown's power and phone lines before descending with a heavily armed SWAT team and APC vehicles, yet we are expected to believe that they had no intention of carrying out a siege - to believe such nonsense displays a dangerous naivety that may come back to haunt us.

"Also in the convoy were an armored Massachusetts SWAT vehicle, explosive disposal unit, communications truck and a New Hampshire state police cruiser driven by someone with camouflage face paint. Two planes flew overhead," reports the Associated Press.

Neighbors a mile around were also evacuated from their homes. All this to serve a warrant? We are foolishly deluded to believe that the Browns were not deliberately targeted for a raid that was aborted or in the very least a psy-op or a test to see what the reaction would be, as Brown himself stated earlier today.

The fact that authorities had sent a surveillance drone over the Brown's property the night before also clearly indicates that they were conducting reconnaissance to prepare for a confrontation.

Would they go to all this trouble just to serve a warrant about another property in a different town?

Only the most naive could entertain the notion that what happened today was not part of a timetable of events and a testing of the water on how residents and media would react to a violent raid of the Brown's property.

If this was just simply about serving a warrant then why were ambulances and fire trucks at the scene? Why did authorities hide their faces, as reported by the Concord Monitor, as if to escape future identification when they left the scene?

Despite the fact that many are breathing a sigh of relief that we didn't witness another Waco today, we need to remain constantly vigilant that the guns, the tanks and the SWAT teams will return to finish off what they were obviously preparing for today.

Ed Brown himself agreed that this "was their intention" during an interview on the RBN network today.

This is an attempt to wear down the Browns and also an effort to create a "cry wolf" scenario where the reaction is diluted next time because a final confrontation did not occur this time around. The intimidation and the preparation for a raid will not cease.

This is far from over and caution needs to be exercised in believing everything that the same authorities who have abused Ed and Elaine Brown for years tell us about events in Plainfield, New Hampshire.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


June 7, 2007

This is a day that brought tears to these old eyes. Today we are grateful to see all the brethren and sisters coming together under the Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brown siege umbrella. Let us stand together united and use this for our advantage only in the sense that it is bringing us all together thus making us all stronger, and allowing us to get the tools we need to become even more communicatively closer.

Way to go Brothers Fred and Don with the spiritualism in the war room philosophy today. You have braved the new path on these warring tables of the body of Christ. Listen to the Lightbearers and walk and do not forget to tell everyone in these times of quick fuses of anger, BREATHE! Brother Alex and John were supreme in the way they bowingly respected each other and we see the new network of God’s armies forming. There are no leaders. God guides. Our common ground is freedom and the sub-soil of those higher human values, which all real religions see as most precious. We are getting our communications down. Give thanks for the guidance as we follow the heart that wants to b-r-e-a-t-h-e Alex. When young Aquarius is fuming, he is too emotional. Whereas, if he lets his heart guide; he will breathe upon us all the greatest of all wisdoms.

In chess, a wise one sees in all directions. Three-hundred and sixty times 360 directions do go the watchers awareness and yes brothers, our intuitiveness is not emotional. It is our heart guiding us ALL as the One we all are in the LIGHT of the day. Let us not forget to see these other distractionary potentials in our other fields. Iran, amnesty, EARTH CHANGES, crashing dollar, and this encroaching police state. Did anyone notice this incident came after the Earth Changes information note went from here yesterday? Rattled a few cages it did. Weather wars Killing in the grain belt of America for shortages to come.

Do not ignore our flanks brothers and sisters while at the same time, as we improve the power of the Truth Patriot Movement to take back what we are losing in this country, we improve our awareness, and communications making us all stronger.

Someone please get all the truth brigadiers together for a class reunion picture shot at tonight’s protest at the gov’s house in Texas. Please!!! A picture of unification right NOW is worth some big ups in our promotions dept of real American Patriots United in this fight against the new world corporation profiteers.

Today was an historic day in uniting in the common causes of freedom and liberty under the Laws of God. No longer can the laws of the small minded creatures that make laws for profiteers and murders to benefit by be tolerated. They are killing us all. This was the day of a great reuniting of the combined powers of two great radio networks. and!! Give thanks to God for this.

No ego, no cowboys, just God’s truth and light coming through every heart that called in all day this first day of the siege of the family Brown in New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Here is a tear inspired prayer given for Mr. Ed and Mrs. Elaine Brown:

I am with You.
I am come with Michael and legions of angels.
I am everlasting Truth the redeemer.
I am the love that infills all and saves.
I am justice that responds to the call of the oppressed.
I am all that is in spirit and matter.
I am You.

United we Stand up.
And divided we are nevermore.
All for one and One for All.
I am with you.

Bless this Republic and the ways of God upon which she was founded.

Truth, Liberty, Justice, Brotherhood, Freedom, Inalienable Rights mandated by God our Creator, this is America!

This is Our Family.


10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can I help Ed? I am a crazy lunatic as well.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what can one do to help?

1:29 PM  

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