Friday, June 22, 2007

Ron Paul working to Legalize Hemp

Ron Paul is working to help Legalize Hemp in both Iowa and in Arizona. The farming communities in Arizona and Iowa would love to have to have hemp be legalized as a much needed extra cash crop. What lawmakers fail to realize is that industrial hemp, which is used to make things such as cordage, paper, and other materials, is not high in THC. Lawmakers automatically link hemp with recreational drug use though and keep it outlawed. Hemp was legalized during ww2 to help out with the war effort. Our lawmakers need to be educated about things before they vote. Click here for more.


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

There is absolutely no scientific reason to "outlaw" industrial hemp; of course, presently it is outlawed.

Furthermore, the entire so-called "War on Drugs" is nothing more than extreme totalitarianism. Prohibition does not work when it comes to substances; supposedly we learned that with alcohol (a mind-altering drug) prohibition.

Asset forfeiture is a complete abrogation of due process and the Constitution. People are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law in this country. For some time now, your assets can be seized if you merely are accused of drug involvement. On top of that, several studies have shown that asset forfeiture increases law enforcement corruption and violation of unalienable rights.

Kudos on the article and website.

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