Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paul Potts: The Cinderfella Story - Metaphor for The Browns & America?

Paul Potts is the opera singer who just won the TV show "Britain's Got Talent" hosted/created by Simon Cowell. Here are some facts about his inspiring life story:

Was a manager at a cell phone store in Wales before winning the show. Paul Potts is an admittedly nervous man, lacks self-confidence, and was unsure if he would even show up for the show's auditions.

Click here and here and here for the rest of this incredible inspirting story.


Blogger here2daygonetomorrow said...

I certainly don't want to take anything away from Paul Potts wonderful talent. But the suggestion that this might in some way be a metaphor for the Brown's and America escapes me. This is the type of stuff the government loves people to watch to keep them dumbed down. Sorry, in my honest opinion, stay away from the TV set, and this has nothing to do with the Brown's or America.

Maybe further explanation is needed for me to see any connection.

12:56 AM  
Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...

Paul Potts' had natural talent - just like the Browns and Americans have natural talent. The Browns, like Paul Potts and all Americans, have been - were - dumbed down to the point where something much deeper and more spiritual happened to them. A rising up so to speak of inner spiritual energy that cannot and will not be put out or shut down is manifesting.

The editor of this blog doesn't have a TV pluggged in to watch and hasn't watched TV for years. I think the same could be said for the other contributors to this blog.

If you've got even a silly string of humanity left in your soul the Paul Potts story should bring tears to your eyes. America has forever been the underdog. The true America is We The People, not the tyranny of this military-corporate-government industrial complex that's been running roughshod over We The People since, at least, the post Civil War period.

8:18 AM  

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