Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ron Paul Upsets Controlled-Media Debate as Clear Winner

Pundits & Candidates Seek to Exile Statesman from Republican Party-- In Spite of Leading Poll Numbers-- Over His Anti-Torture, Anti-War and Anti-Tax Standpoint

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones / Jones Report | May 15, 2007

Congressman Ron Paul shook the establishment in last night's second round of 2008 Republican debates for the Presidency. Not only did his anti-war, anti-torture and pro-liberty platform stand glaring in the face of those political whores dubbed as "top-tier" but he managed to catch the ire of 9/11 criminal Rudy Giuliani for daring to suggest aggressive foreign policy would stir up blowback.

What's worse, Ron Paul interrupted the worship of establishment-selected candidates by winning the debate's own poll and forcing FOX to cover the mere "second-tier" candidate-- a distinction mainstream media have been using to marginalize those outside of direct control. Click here for more.


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