Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fox News' Pro-Giuliani Conflict of Interest

This Article Sheds Light on Giuliani's Emotional Out Burst in the Debate

Cliff Kincaid's article for Accuracy In Media may shed some valuable insight into Giuliani's impassioned attack on Congressman Paul during Tuesday night's debate. If the audience had known what this article reveals, then they might have restrained some of their applause.

"This writer had raised questions about Fox News' co-sponsorship of the debate, based on the fact that the company had a relationship with Giuliani when he was mayor of New York City. But now we know that the relationship has continued into the period of time that Giuliani has been planning a presidential run. It is an obvious conflict of interest."

Read more at Daily Paul.


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

The G-Man is a puppet for the Corporatocracy. His attempting to run as a true Conservative is nothing short of laughable.

3:21 AM  

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