Monday, May 21, 2007

The Ron Paul Revolution Is Exponentially Growing!

Let us examine a few Ron Paul facts. Ron Paul currently has the most YouTube subscribers of any Presidential Candidate. Please see: his YouTube page.. As of this writing, Ron Paul has 8,377 subscribers with 659,767 views while Hillary Clinton has 3,169 subscribers with only 590,097 views. Ron Paul finished a close second in the poll following the second debate last week (on the smearchannel FoxNews). You can see here that Ron Paul beat out Giuliani and McKain with 25% of the vote. John McKain received only 4% of the votes, which were around 40,000. If you go and vote here you will see that Dr. Paul is clearly the leading Republican candidate. I strongly suggest that anyone reading this check out these links. Look at the polls, watch the debates (there have already been two), go to his web site at Think about what he has to say and how it relates to your life. Then, go see what the other candidates are saying and whether or not there is any real substance there. Look at the voting histories and the candidates' experience. Look behind the facade of it all and ask yourself, is this candidate a soulless, empty shell or a real person who has real ideas and solutions? Research Ron Paul, and you will see clearly that he stands for the US Constitution. The thing is he has this CRAZY IDEA that the Constitution actually means something. You may remember the George W. Bush quote about it being only a "goddamned piece of paper." Think about what is going on. Look at the trend. Stop it and reverse it! Click here for more.


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