Monday, May 21, 2007

Connie Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party. 9/11 A Terror Psy-op that Changed The World

The life blood of Canada is being drained and replaced with the cold blood of a military, industrial, financial elite who lust for ... all » unlimited power and profit. Is this what you want? The excuse for it is a story full of contradictions and lies. The event of 9/11 was the trigger to justify the end of Canada as we have known it, and loved it, and wanted it to be. 9/11 is the reason for sending our sons and daughters to spill their blood in a foreign land for U.S. control of the world's dwindling oil supply. 9/11 is the trigger to justify a permanent North American war economy to line the pockets of weapons manufacturers. 9/11 is the trigger to starve to death our social programs like medical care, education, unemployment insurance, old age security, pension plans.. All this brought about under the direction and cooperation of our Prime Ministers and their Cabinets, under both Liberal and Conservative party regimes, with no opposition by the NDP, or Bloq Quebecois, or the rising Greens. The Canadian Action Party is your vehicle to take back control of your person and your country. We need to run 308 candidates across Canada in the next election to get CAP's message our to our fellow-citizens. Be One. Support One. Elect One.


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