Monday, May 21, 2007

Breaking News - On A Hill OverLooking Los Angeles....



Blogger Anonymous said...

it's funny when mexicans protest and say this is their land when in reality the spanish took over the land from the native American Indians and those who were there before them. The indians are gone now and only spanish invaders are left. Now they are headed north. I do not condone the way we treated our own native indians here in America, but then I wasn't there to protest and it was the government that destroyed the native americans. But that is no reason to allow illegal spanish invadors to come here and destroy us. If they can't get in line then they should be taken out of line and sent back home. Then they can get in line like the rest. Who says we have to continue to import the races of the world just because we have in the past. We are a nation now, we should close the boarder and get our own shit together first and then rethink our policies. Rethink who we want to be in the world. We must protect American freedom and liberty before we can ever protect the poor or inoccent people of the world.

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