Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lots Of News At Ed Brown MySpace Blog

hello everyone. for those that were worried about the status of Elaine and ED fear not!

they are both here at home and both are doing well.

i am sorry about the long delay in the updating of this page. but there were some issues that had come up and have been taken care of.

anthony that was running this before was able to hand over this work to me. the myspace account was set up for them both as a direct route of communication to both Ed and Elaine, i will be now be in charge of the review and posting of the events that pass here day to day. (being their time is applied to other real time issues; as before they will be reviewing this as time permits each day.)

just so you know, the sentencing will be this coming tuesday. the 24th. i believe it is Elaine first at 11 and Eds at 1. the times are rough give or take 30 minutes... why do i not have the times down? cas it does not matter to them. of course they will not be there. so do not ask that. they will be here at home or in a bag. they are not going to just give up.

Read more at Ed Brown MySpace Blog.


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