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April 4th Fireworks...

“Show of Power” Summary, April 4th

Liberty-seeking people upon the 50 nation-states comprising the Confederation United States of America, must realize that their Treaty is still "the supreme Law of the Land." The US Constitution acknowledges that fact, within Article VI. We ourselves must utilize this power to protect our Creator-endowed unalienable liberties from intrusion and disrespect by the commercial statutory law of man. All of us sovereign nationals must become the Militia who will collectively prevent injustice and enforce the Peace. Initially, it would take less than 2,000 people per county. That number would be more than met if just the Creator-loving men and women who comprise the congregations of the many churches were to choose to turn away from man-created law. It won’t make any difference which one of the political candidates wins during the next election cycle. The man-made Prime Directive of the Constitution (of the US Military!) is not going to change. Click here for more.


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Recent Quotes of Justice Breyer

How Do you decide, out of 80,000 cases, Which one to hear?

"Is this a question that needs to be answered for the benefit of the entire country." Approximate Quote of Justice Breyer

This is the single reason the supreme court uses to decide whether or not a case should be heard." What does the constitution permit or require."

Our job is to create uniformity where there is a need" Job One."

How do we Decide the 80 cases each year," It's not about rehearing the lower courts to correct mistakes" It is AN unanswered question." Approximate quotes.

Also of interest was a remark about the process of state courts.

"Sometimes the state courts hear federal cases and sometimes the federal courts hear state cases, Thats to confuse you," Justice Breyer Says half jokingly.

*****************************************What the Bleep!*******************************

Careers in Justice on Court TV show with Justice Breyer During March 2007.


Sounds like it's time for the supreme court to hear an income tax case doesn't it. Talk about unanswered questions.......!!

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