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Withholding a la Manhattan

The W-4 Connection
The Manhattan Project was officially started by the Corps of Engineers, Manhattan Engineer District, conducted by Major Leslie R. Groves. Groves directed industrial and research activities at such sites as Oak Ridge Tenn. and Los Alamos, New Mexico. The project was worked on by thousands of people from all over our country and the world. An actual town, with the necessary infrastructure, emerged in order to accommodate the many residents working at the Los Alamos site. Nobel Prize winners along with experts in science, physics and various other fields were employed at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos. The project went on for years. Two very amazing things came about. One was the invention of the atomic bomb, and the other, equally dramatic in the opinion of many, was a giant project carried out in almost complete secrecy. Virtually everyone in the country was unaware of what was being accomplished right under their noses.

A significant reason for being able to maintain such secrecy was World War II. Wars are powerful distractions, sometimes diverting attention from other very important matters. Even though war helped the country to emerge from the Great Depression it caused some material hardships. Along with significant increases in manufacturing / jobs, other kinds of material shortages occurred. Sacrifices, e.g. in war bonds, rationing and most importantly payroll withholding taxes were introduced by the Revenue Act of 1942 (“the Victory Tax”). Common folk of every nationality willingly cooperated in order to bring about the help that our government leaders passionately articulated the need for. In the main, that generation did not doubt their leaders’ intentions, everyone wanted peace, and
our history books have put the epic to rest.

What about today? Could something of similar magnitude be kept in relative secret? After all, we have the internet! We have 24/7 television news and talk radio. Let all the experts argue how such a thing could not exist in today’s news enlightened society, but the evidence that they are wrong is all over the place. For a good example let’s take a look at the withholding taxes mentioned above. They were and still are taken out of private citizens paychecks starting with the implementation of the “Victory Tax” in 1942. The Revenue Act of 1942 (“Victory Tax”) introduced withholding taxes on the paychecks of private citizens working for private companies. That act is no longer in effect. The withholding
continues today under what the IRS declares as the authority granted in the 16th Amendment and the Constitution. Is this
true? The IRS has declared it to be so in their official literature.

Let’s take a look and see.
The Manhattan Project is no longer a secret. Could this be a secret “a la Manhattan” right under our very noses?

Bill Price
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Blogger Anonymous said...

"1944 Diggs, Yet still no Law...?"
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Brian said...

Uh ... that is totally untrue. A comment to a post was posted on this website when the offer was first made showing them the law.

Nobody with any sense has any illusions that the "reward" will be paid.

Unless you have an impartial decider to determine whether the proof is satisfactory, and so long as Ed and Elaine are the ones who get to decide if the proof is adequate, I suspect that Ed and Elaine will "conveniently" fail to find *any* proof which would satisfy them.

This is the typical m.o. for these types of offers ... "show me the law, but I get to decide if the law you show me is actually the law." Of course, not surprisingly, nobody can ever show them the law.

2:46 PM
Casey Lee Cobb said...

Sorry you're wrong brian, no one has shown the law. I personally have been looking for it for over 7 years! Still no law in site that makes me liable to pay........

I guess there must be no law, no one seems to be able to find it.

5:03 PM
Casey Lee Cobb said...

Enlighten yourself watch “America: From Freedom to Fascism”. Watch Sheldon Cohen former IRS commissioner get cornered by Aaron Russo, and then drop the ball through his own fallacious arguments proving without a shadow of a doubt that there is no law.

5:20 PM
Brian said...

Like I said, there's nothing anyone can say to you guys that will ever convince you.

I've been showing people the law for years ... and surprise, surprise ... tax protestors just don't see it.

But that's because they don't *want* to see it ...

5:37 PM
Bored to be Wild said...

I'm offering a million dollar reward to anyone who can tell me the correct answer to 2 + 2. I refuse to accept 4 for the answer, though.

6:04 PM
Casey Lee Cobb said...

Ok smart guy, what law makes the average American liable for an income tax?

If you have the answer back your word up on this thread. If you don’t, then don’t bother leaving another comment.

I know for a fact that you cannot site a statute that expressly demonstrates a tax liability.

And your failure to respond will be the proof.

7:07 PM
Tyler Moore said...

2 + 2 (in base 3) = 11

May I have my million dollars, please. :)

7:54 PM
Bored to be Wild said...

IRC Sections 1, 63, and 63.

As cited by the DOJ in the Ed and Elaine Brown criminal trial motions.


8:48 PM
Bored to be Wild said...

The ironic part is that the dental practice property is no longer Ed's to pledge. The jury ruled that he forfeited the property, and the court issued a restraining order explicitly prohibiting him from pledging the property.

Not only that, but there's already a lien of $368,000 on the real estate since Elaine evaded New Hampshire business taxes as well.

8:54 PM
Casey Lee Cobb said...

I’m sorry you are incorrect. “IRC Sections 1, 63, and 63” do not convey liability. Please try again, send in your answers to

9:07 PM
Bored to be Wild said...

The equivalent of "nuh huh" is all you have?

9:14 PM
Anonymous said...

I have said it many times here and yet not a word about coming up with a way to prove one way or the other. The fact is there is no law but until there is a way to prove one way or the other the million dollar reward is mute.

My suggestion is to use the 537 questions from the we the people class action law suite. I would have to say that anyone who can answer those questions in the right way should win the million dollar prize if it still exists.

Joey tryed to use the IRS FAQ but we have disputed this false document. We have also made it very clear simply stating the 16th amendment is not an answer.

You must start with the constitution and the supreme court opinions following the enactment of the 16 amendment. So I say lets use the 537 questions and have those who are offering a prize to put it in writing, otherwise those who say it is all just garbage are right. I mean get real, there is no million dollars unless it is in trust, with rules set up and a way to answer and win. So far it is all hot air.

If ed is for real, then do as I suggest. His credibility is already falling by the way side.

9:32 PM

9:34 PM  
Blogger Roger said...

DUH!!! Hey people, why is there even a disscussion going on about this? If so many people have asked the people in authority for the Law, that the Authority said, that there is. Then it would be a very simple matter for the people in Authority to simply show the LAW. But hey guess what? The people in Authority are not showing any one the Law. Like DUD!!!!!! Could it be, that there is no Law? Ya Think? Why is it so hard to figure out that: YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO!!! You've been lied to before, haven't you? So it AIN'T like you don't know, what's it like to be lied too. Why is it so hard for you, to simply THINK for yourself? 2+2=4, Simple Logic, it's not that hard to figure out, really it's not. If 2+2=5 then there is something not quite right is there. So let's look at it like this: 1. Is the, People in Authority, saying, Americian people, there is a LAW, that say's, you got to pay The Federal Governmant an Income Tax. 2. Then become's the question from the Americian people, OK people in Authority, (ie) Government, SHOW US THE LAW THAT YOU SAY EXSIST, that say's we got to pay the people in Authority, (ie) Government an INCOME TAX? So here we have 1+1, now that in Math's is surpost to equal 2. But hey, ya KNOW, the people in Authority, (ie) Government, doesn't SHOW THE LAW!!! So WE HAVE A "0" as the answer to 1+1 instead of the 2, MATH DEMAND!!! When something doesn't make LOGICAL Sense, THEN: IT AIN'T TRUE. IF IT AIN'T TRUE: ERGO: IT"S A LIED!!! So Here's a QUESTION FOR YOU. SO WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT??? That's right I said WE, Because 1 man can not to it by him or her self. WE THE PEOPLE have got to STAND TOGETHER and tell the people in Authority, A SIMPLE WORD!!! THAT WORD IS::: NO!!! The AMERICIAN PEOPLE IS THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THAT HAS A GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO TELL THEIR GOVERNMENT NO!!! Have you forgotten that America??? Ed Brown hasn't, have you Ed? God bless you Ed Brown, all you are doing is standing on your right as an Americian, nothing more. Is that so hard to understan? Thank You. For giving me this soap box.

11:46 PM  

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