Thursday, April 05, 2007

Emancipate the Slaves

By Bill Price

Slave: n. 1. “A person held in bondage to another; one held as chattel (property); one whose person and services are under the control of another as owner or master… 2. One who has lost or who surrenders control of himself, freedom of action, etc…”

Most people in the USA today are slaves. Some have come to accept that fact. As long as there is something leftover and listed as net income they can gut through having to surrender their labor. I worked in the auto industry for about 15 years. I remember when we received a few profit sharing checks. One year the average was estimated to be nearly $7,500. The newspapers were all abuzz about the bonuses…stories abounded. Were the auto workers worth getting such a bonus? Many of them only had high school diplomas, non-skilled blue collar beer drinkers. The newspapers ran periodic articles about all the bonus money and what people planned to do with it, the impact on local businesses….ad nauseam. But, let me tell you “the rest of the story” the sycophant (that means boot-licking suck-ups) newspaper personnel didn’t report. Forty percent was withheld in federal income taxes…then there were state taxes. Most people took home a little over half. Some people, like Noah Webster, would classify that as slavery. “One whose person and services are under the control of another as owner or master…”

I have six children ages 29 -11. We always operated on one income. I took as much overtime as I could get and we tried hard to live within our means. We the people are not only supporting our families, we are being forced to support Uncle Sam’s irresponsible spending. Maybe someone out there wants to argue the frugality of our government’s expenditures? Yea right!

The point is, we are slaves except in our own sentimental imaginations. We proclaim our freedom at ballgames and congratulate ourselves on the Fourth of July and Labor Day. But, look at the definition given by Noah Webster and be honest. “…one whose person and services are under the control of another as owner or master…” Webster’s New International Dictionary, 2nd Edition, unabridged.

Bill Price

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Blogger Anonymous said...

"1944 Diggs, Yet still no Law...?"
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Brian said...

Uh ... that is totally untrue. A comment to a post was posted on this website when the offer was first made showing them the law.

Nobody with any sense has any illusions that the "reward" will be paid.

Unless you have an impartial decider to determine whether the proof is satisfactory, and so long as Ed and Elaine are the ones who get to decide if the proof is adequate, I suspect that Ed and Elaine will "conveniently" fail to find *any* proof which would satisfy them.

This is the typical m.o. for these types of offers ... "show me the law, but I get to decide if the law you show me is actually the law." Of course, not surprisingly, nobody can ever show them the law.

2:46 PM
Casey Lee Cobb said...

Sorry you're wrong brian, no one has shown the law. I personally have been looking for it for over 7 years! Still no law in site that makes me liable to pay........

I guess there must be no law, no one seems to be able to find it.

5:03 PM
Casey Lee Cobb said...

Enlighten yourself watch “America: From Freedom to Fascism”. Watch Sheldon Cohen former IRS commissioner get cornered by Aaron Russo, and then drop the ball through his own fallacious arguments proving without a shadow of a doubt that there is no law.

5:20 PM
Brian said...

Like I said, there's nothing anyone can say to you guys that will ever convince you.

I've been showing people the law for years ... and surprise, surprise ... tax protestors just don't see it.

But that's because they don't *want* to see it ...

5:37 PM
Bored to be Wild said...

I'm offering a million dollar reward to anyone who can tell me the correct answer to 2 + 2. I refuse to accept 4 for the answer, though.

6:04 PM
Casey Lee Cobb said...

Ok smart guy, what law makes the average American liable for an income tax?

If you have the answer back your word up on this thread. If you don’t, then don’t bother leaving another comment.

I know for a fact that you cannot site a statute that expressly demonstrates a tax liability.

And your failure to respond will be the proof.

7:07 PM
Tyler Moore said...

2 + 2 (in base 3) = 11

May I have my million dollars, please. :)

7:54 PM
Bored to be Wild said...

IRC Sections 1, 63, and 63.

As cited by the DOJ in the Ed and Elaine Brown criminal trial motions.


8:48 PM
Bored to be Wild said...

The ironic part is that the dental practice property is no longer Ed's to pledge. The jury ruled that he forfeited the property, and the court issued a restraining order explicitly prohibiting him from pledging the property.

Not only that, but there's already a lien of $368,000 on the real estate since Elaine evaded New Hampshire business taxes as well.

8:54 PM
Casey Lee Cobb said...

I’m sorry you are incorrect. “IRC Sections 1, 63, and 63” do not convey liability. Please try again, send in your answers to

9:07 PM
Bored to be Wild said...

The equivalent of "nuh huh" is all you have?

9:14 PM
Anonymous said...

I have said it many times here and yet not a word about coming up with a way to prove one way or the other. The fact is there is no law but until there is a way to prove one way or the other the million dollar reward is mute.

My suggestion is to use the 537 questions from the we the people class action law suite. I would have to say that anyone who can answer those questions in the right way should win the million dollar prize if it still exists.

Joey tryed to use the IRS FAQ but we have disputed this false document. We have also made it very clear simply stating the 16th amendment is not an answer.

You must start with the constitution and the supreme court opinions following the enactment of the 16 amendment. So I say lets use the 537 questions and have those who are offering a prize to put it in writing, otherwise those who say it is all just garbage are right. I mean get real, there is no million dollars unless it is in trust, with rules set up and a way to answer and win. So far it is all hot air.

If ed is for real, then do as I suggest. His credibility is already falling by the way side.

9:32 PM

9:36 PM  

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