Thursday, March 22, 2007

Video: Tony Snow, CBS host in testy exchange over fired attorney scandal

MR. SNOW: Well -- (break in video) -- "the perception is that you're trying to badger me into creating a fight between the White House and the legislative branch. And what we're trying to do is something pretty extraordinary. The legislative branch has no oversight responsibility over the White House." END 3:56 min into the video

Click here to view the video and read the transcript of this interview.


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Even if you file married - seperate the IRS will collect from Spouse.

TIGTA: IRS Mishandles 27% of Innocent Spouse Cases

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has released The Process to Separate Joint Tax Accounts for Innocent Spouse Cases Has Been Improved; However, Additional Actions Are Needed (2007-40-053) (3/9/07):

IRS employees did not ensure proper actions were taken or taken timely in 27% of the taxpayer accounts reviewed. The IRS did not always take action or take timely action to:

* Suspend collection activity against the taxpayer requesting Innocent Spouse relief
* Resume collection activity for the nonrequesting spouse
* Prevent refunds from being issued to the nonrequesting spouse
* Allow refunds to be issued to the nonrequesting spouse once the tax liability had been fully paid ...

As a result, some taxpayers requesting Innocent Spouse relief may not have been protected from enforced collection actions, and the Federal Government’s interests may not have been protected.

* Audit Report
* Audit Highlights

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