Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Organized Crime

While I was reading my first letter from Chuck Conces from the Newago County Jail, the telephone rang. It was Hannah Dahl, daughter of Dr. Phil Dahl. Hannah is 20 years old and a friend of the family’s. She grew up with my daughters. Hannah asked if she could give my information to her father who is serving time in a Virginia penitentiary for non-payment of income taxes. I gave Hannah my information, and told her I would be looking forward to a letter from her father. I guess I’ll be getting lots of inmate mail.

Phil Dahl was a Stockbridge, Mi. dentist. He has 13 children and never turned anyone away because they didn’t have dental insurance or couldn’t afford to pay for his service. If you couldn’t pay Phil, he would barter the fee or wave it altogether. Phil is a salt of the earth kind of guy. You can’t help but like him. Several years ago Dr. Phil told me about his decision to not pay the income tax. It was because of this government’s practice to subsidize abortion clinics. Phil was adamant; he would not allow his money to be used for that purpose.

One day Phil’s dental practice was paid a visit. Gun-toting IRS agents stormed through his door and pointed weapons at Phil’s staff and patients. There were children in Phil’s office drawing on a large chalk board he keeps there to entertain them. Agents all decked out in body armor with semi automatic weapons had everyone frozen with fear by intimidating body language and loud threats of what would happen if anyone dared to deviate from their shouted orders.

I wasn’t there at the time, but I asked Phil later if any of his gun toting visitors had bothered to bring a warrant along. Phil made me a copy of what had been left after they confiscated his computers and file cabinets. It was a summons signed by Magistrate Judge Ellen Carmody. I looked it over and discovered that no affiant had signed this summons. No one vouched for the information this document alleged. Judge Carmody authorized a summons and a raid without probable cause. Is that a crime? Yes!

Chuck Conces’s appeal will be reviewed by the 6th Circuit Court. The newest member to that court is a felon, Judge David W. McKeague. McKeague was presented irrefutable evidence of a false police report involving a case I had before him. McKeague chose to protect the Ingham County Sheriff and Prosecutor from my complaint of a false arrest, and malicious prosecution. I presented McKeague an Affidavit from a woman that was cited by an Ingham County Deputy as stating certain facts. The woman “quoted” by the Deputy stated to me that the Deputy’s report was a lie and signed an Affidavit to that effect. This woman was irate that she was used to endorse a lie on an official police report. McKeague ignored this, and the fact that the arrest leading to the malicious prosecution was made without a warrant ever being issued in the first place. McKeague is a felon posing as a Circuit Court judge. I sent dozens of faxes to judiciary committee members soon after Mckeague’s nomination by George Bush along with copies of the false police report and Affidavit by the woman repudiating it. No response. The judiciary committee members confirmed Bush’s nomination despite the proof I had faxed.

Back in the 20’s and 30’s our government was pursuing organized criminals (Mafia). Well it appears that these organized criminals have found a new Godfather, Uncle Sam. I could name at least a dozen of them that have traded their violin cases for a gavel. But don’t take my word for it read former Judge Anthony Napolitano’s book “Constitutional Chaos”. The picture I have just painted will seem mild next to Napolitano’s. Boy, would I ever love to see Napolitano at a Freedom Law School or a We the People conference. (Hint, hint Peymon and Mr. Schultz.)

There is a silver lining to this very dark cloud. The light being cast from the truth has caused an awakening in America. Ed and Elaine Brown can testify to what has happened since the news of their case has been reported. THE QUEST FOR A FAIR TRIAL IN CONCORD blog has brought much needed attention to the deeds of darkness (Thank you Fred Smart) and is a national bulletin board for warning America: Unless we join in on spreading the truth we will all become prisoners.

Freedom to Fascism, an Orwellian Odyssey

George Orwell would have been pleased to see this day in America. Orwell’s novels “Animal Farm” and “1984” predicted a state of totalitarianism in the world. Regrettably, Orwell did not live to see the phenomena you are about to witness. The movie “America: Freedom to Fascism” is an expose’ on the Federal Income Tax, the Federal Reserve Banking/system and finally the facts about an international cartel that has been very busy “arranging” your entire future. It is more powerful than anything you have seen. Ironically, these world planners featured in Aaron Russo’s movie, have something in common with George Orwell, their most notable critic. The cartel’s global plan for the middle class, and the title of Mr. Orwell’s most famous book, could very well share the same name, “Animal Farm”

“Animal Farm” released in 1945 was an ominous warning to the world. There was another ominous release that year, the atomic bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. “Freedom to Fascism” was released in 2006 and with it, something even more powerful than the atomic bomb, the truth.

Spread the word, by using the most powerful weapon known to man, the truth. Watch and share “America: Freedom to Fascism”.

For more information on the federal income tax go to

Bill Price


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