Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stealing Land in Keene: Eminent Domain Hearing 3/19


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$1 Million Challenge Details

This is void where prohibited by law: including but not limited to Colorado , Maryland , Nebraska , North Dakota, Vermont, New Jersey and Tennessee. It is void anywhere prohibited by law.

The contest page supercedes all previous ones and all previous offers are withdrawn. 3-September-2006. Only four significant changes have been made since the beginning except for clarification, (a) point 12, about molten steel. b) We equate exotic weapons as "explosives" (you do not have to prove that exotic weapons were not used. But you cannot claim the prize if you do prove that exotic weapons were used). c) The renaming of this offer as a challenge and not a contest. d) all evidence and points presented by Scholars for Truth, Professor Jones, and Morgan Reynolds must be refuted and are included in the requirements, and [newest] e) the radiation contents of the dust must be explained.

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