Friday, March 02, 2007

Regarding Chuck Conces Arrested

To the Lawmen:

I was surprised by a phone call from Chuck Conces Tuesday night. Judge Quist had ordered Conces to appear at the U.S. Marshall’s office in order to answer four questions before DOJ attorneys. Chuck asked if I could drive him and another witness to Grand Rapids to make the Thursday morning deadline stated in the order. I can’t convey exactly the wording of those questions, one of them is nearly half a page long, but they were supposedly to be answered under oath.

These questions were presented under rule FRCP 26 for discovery, according to Quist in a previous hearing, and were obviously designed to explore for information while searching for any possibility perjury. An interesting thing about FRCP (A) is that it explicitly states that information given under discovery does not have to be made under penalty of perjury. Conces pointed this out at his hearing later in the day and Quist went into his quicksilver mode and conjured up an excuse for why these discovery request/demands don’t have to follow the usual court rules (more fudge in Quist’s mouth).

This makes sense, now that it is apparent that the U.S. abandoned their civil lawsuit against the leader of the Lawmen. The DOJ and Quist are taking another tack. Chuck is too smart to perjure himself through their prepared questions, most of which there are no answers for (disclosing records that never existed etc.). Out of frustration Quist and the DOJ are remanding Conces to custody.

I and another old friend of Chuck’s accompanied him to the 5th floor of the Gerald Ford Building in Grand Rapids Thursday morning. We arrived at approximately 11:30 and waited until 5:pm when a rather large but friendly Marshall notified us that Chuck would be proceeding to a hearing on the fourth floor. Previous to this a couple of guys came out of the U.S. Marshal’s office and were waiting for an elevator next to us, they heard us talking about Chuck and whether or not he would be allowed to leave soon. One of the waiting men that looked like he had a mouth full of straight lemon juice butted in and informed us that Chuck was now incarcerated and that he would stay so until he gave them what they wanted. I almost started laughing; the guy looked like something out of a Walt Disney movie and was obviously losing it.

It appears that Chuck will remain resolute and not fall for their cleverly designed perjury gimmick. These people look very sad and if you know just a little about the operation of our legal system, very pathetic as well.

Chuck and I have not always agreed, but we are in complete agreement on our right to free speech. Chuck did nothing that is not protected under our unalienable rights. These officials may as well get used to it, either show us the law that compels us to file 1040 tax forms and pay the tax they claim we are liable for, or quit your jobs as enforcers of fairytale taxes. It’s only going to get worse for these officials. The truth can only be suppressed for so long, and time is running out on deception. The sun is rising and the dawn is causing the darkness to retreat. The enemies of truth are becoming more frustrated. They loose confidence, as resolute men like Chuck Conces, and all the rest, insist on their Constitutional guarantees. I think most these officials erroneously believe just like their Commander and Chief does, that the Constitution is just a God dam piece of paper

Bill Price


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