Sunday, March 25, 2007

At what point would you defend your family and your life?

Lets just say,.....You were one of the Brown's for a sec and dealing with this issue.

You asked to see the law and even offered to pay it just to make it go away but, "They" want everything and have been known to kill people over such issues.

For me: If any man/animal comes offensively towards me or those I care/love in a violent aggressive nature with intent to hurt or kill. I will not send them a fruit basket and hope they go away.

At what point would you defend your family and your life?

Wait till they come on your land with force/weapons?
Wait till they try to come in your home?
Wait till you see the whites of their eyes?
Or just surrender to a so called law they can not show and go to prison for a very long time?
(Do not pass go, do not collect $200)

Does not have to be any above reasons but...

At what point would you defend your family and your life?

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Blogger MrTideman said...

Answer: When the ends of government are "perverted" as in corrupt we have the right "and" duty to not enslave us or the next generation, by Article 10, N.H.

In the past I've asserted my N.H. RSA Ch. 627:8 right to use force for both the prevention** and unlawful taking* of my property. Win* and loss** respectfully, as in that 1/2 pregnant example proving the system is fawlty.

One instance of when I opened the door to the goons, and they stepped over the threshold and into the "fan area" where Federal Judge Shane Devine ruled was "public" property.

But in that +/or other case(s): I have been freed on an habeas corpus once (Judge Rbt.E.K.Morrill over-ride of Ed Kelly) and had one case thrown out as them enforcing an unlawful statute, etc. so there is the check-and-balance, but WHERE is the $monetary compensation by Art. 32 Petitions for these harms!? (and more).

My mother said to let them bull-doze you over next time, and then sue them after-wards for the wrong(s). Current case #2006-0783 of me being thrust out onto the streets as a homeless person after a crooked Sheriff's Sale, living like a hermit crab at friend's houses, then rooming house (skip the costly apt. business) to cabin and now house again.

8:46 PM  
Blogger bulletinman said...

Is it now time to lock and load? These people in power are out of control and it is time that we take the power back.

11:47 AM  

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