Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beech Grove IN FEMA Camp with Better Quality Video


Blogger Anonymous said...

we should make it our goal to fill these camps with the officials who are the enemies of America. Those who violate our constitution, who railroad our patriots and anyone who calls for the taxation of American Labor. Anyone who pays, collects or defends the tax on labor must be taken into custody by force, held accountable and thrown in prison. The president, the entire cabinet and congress the senate of every state, the IRS and all it's employees and any officials at the DOJ or treasury who have been complicit or who continue that because the tax on income has been approved and in force for 80 years is good enough reason to enforce it. The time is now. Write, email and call all arms to force this republic to take charge, take control and take what is ours. Organize, plan and execute the war plans of the tax honesty patriots everywhere.

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