Sunday, March 25, 2007

Join The QFFT Revolution

As John Perkins would say, "Now is the time!"

We are looking to open up hundreds, if not thousands of Quest For Fair Trial (QFFT) sites, blogs, platforms, groups and resource networks nationwide. All anyone needs is a mind that works and a heart/soul that is driven by the love of truth to help and serve others.

Envision The End:
the ONE Lord God who gave us the Ten Commandments and fullfilled scripture by taking on a Human manifestion as the saviour and redeemer of mankind. The Divine influence of His spirit was received by Thomas Paine and our founding Fathers and continues to be received today in the form the principals of Ed Griffin's "Freedom Force International". There are other examples "out there" such as Cheryl Marie's "We The People Have The Power".

Witness The Cause: in the spiritual fire and energy that drove individuals like Bob Schulz to begin the process of "institutionalizing vigilance" using We The People's 1st Amendment "Right To Petition" which directly influenced and gave Aaron Russo the tools and evidence he needed to create his ground-breaking documentary, America: Freedom To Fascism (AFTF)

Celebrate The Effect: of the singular power and force behind Ed and Elaine Brown's stand against tyranny.

These Three (3) examples correspond to the THE CORE HUB of what we consider to be "Wheels Of Freedom" which can be duplicated, replicated and celebrated throughout our world. We need more and more and more examples of these HUBs to manifest for they correspond to a simple, yet powerful, clearing point/area for the time, trust and energies of individuals who are dedicated to support the cause of freedom and liberty in our world.

To create and support these "Wheels Of Freedom" we need spokes to attach to these hubs so that more and more and more wheels manifest, thus motivating more and more individuals do ACT in empowering ways to help and serve others so that we can all come together and work together to transform our world into a Heaven on earth where Divine Order can manifest.

From here on out we are looking for individuals, groups, networks - of all shapes, sizes and dispositions - to connect to these hubs just as spokes connect to the wheels on a bicycle.


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