Friday, March 23, 2007

Adversaries of the Militia

The duty of the militia is to protect society, its members, and its Constitution, from anything that may threaten it. That includes foreign enemies, domestic insurrectionists, and disasters, but at the moment, the primary threat to which the Militia needs to respond comes from domestic enemies of the Constitution, which are found in every institution and sector of our society. Many of them are gangsters, and we can speak of the Establishment, gangster government, gangster corporations, banksters, and their minions, many of them driven by the money from narcotrafficking. But it also includes zealots and fascists who pretend to have noble intentions, and may even believe it, but who are the most dangerous of all. These are the adversaries common to militias everywhere:

Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent legislators and executive branch officials
Those who represent special interests and resist reforms that would reduce the efficacy of campaign contributions to influence the outcomes of elections. Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent judges:

Judges who make political decisions instead of legal decisions, and then try to make their decisions look like legal decisions;

Judges who refuse to allow legal arguments to be made in the presence of the jury, or to allow defense counsel to inform the jury they have the power and duty to judge the validity of the charges and the statutes as well as the facts;

Federal judges who preside over cases in which the federal courts lack constitutional jurisdiction;

Election judges who participate in the rigging of elections;

Federal bankruptcy judges who conspire with corrupt receivers to deprive persons of their property;

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Blogger TrueLogic said...

Out Fuckin Standing Hero! Great Post!

But Where the hell are all the Militias? Why aren't the State's Militias organizing and Campaigning? Where are their Voices? And how do they Number? How are they equipped Logistically? What would they use for Jails? Our Right to form a Militia has been suppressed for decades upon decades, and People have been taught that Militias are the Enemy.
If it came down to it... I believe most AMERICAN CITIZENS would fully back a JUST Militia. Bent only on TRUE JUSTICE, and not able to be bought by the corrupt.

I would think the State's Militias would also be partly responsible for informing the PEOPLE of the injustice happening before them/to them.

This needs to happen in this Country. Number up folks... Because if you don't, We've lost.

12:27 AM  

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