Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Online Revolution Will be Televised!

It’s a simple plan; the online revolution will be televised! Ed and Elaine Brown need our support. The mainstream media is failing where it once had the opportunity to succeed. Now it is up to you, me, and the rest of the world to take the reins of responsibility and demand that they show the law!

Our voices alone in the form of text are weak. Yet there is a certain respect reserved for those willing to put there identities on the line to support Ed and Elaine brown, and request that the government show them the law.

If you have a webcam and support Ed and Elaine Brown kindly turn on your camera, read the below text, upload it to YouTube or Google, and send me the link. I don’t care what country your from, I know people from all across the world are tracking this monumental stand, now is the time!

Ed and Elaine brown are just two ordinary people, under extraordinary circumstances taking an incredibly brave and patriotic stand. They are doing this for you, for me, and for their country. What can you do for your country?

“My name is _____________, I support Ed and Elaine Brown. Show them the law.”

p.s. If I am promptly black bagged, arrested, or mysteriously die after this post, then I would expect that you will continue “Operation: The Online Revolution will be televised” on your own website or blog. In fact, it might even be a good idea to make cloned websites for this, copy all of the videos posted, this revolution can be fought from many domains and on many blogs.

Your fellow patriot

Casey Lee Cobb




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