Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Extremist Covers Ed Brown

On Becoming a Right Wing Whacko

The story of a Mr. Ed Brown and his wife Elaine in New Hampshire (the “Live Free or Die” state) brings to mind once again the tortuous web of the Internal Revenue Code. Mr. Brown declined to attend the last day of his tax evasion trial, choosing instead to go home and forgo the puppet show of justice that was unfolding in district court.

This writer has followed the Truth in Taxation movement for some time, and has attended and read transcripts of federal tax trials. Anyone who has can understand how Mr. Brown might think he was being railroaded. Of the 42 motions he filed in his trial, not a single one was granted. When Brown received a copy of the judge’s planned jury instructions, he knew further resistance was useless. He just went home.

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