Saturday, February 03, 2007

Meeting Today At 4 pm Just South of I-89 & I-91 To Activate The "Ed Brown Figure 8 Of Truth" Project


Today will commemorate Lebanon New Hampshire as "Ground Zero" where this "Ed Brown Figure 8 Of Truth" project begins. From this day forward We The People will work and plan to activate a SLEEPING GIANT of American spirit, energy, light, truth and love which will spread in waves upon waves of circles - north and south - throughout New Hampshire and Vermont and beyond. Just like Ed Brown's act of taking "one small step", We The People are being called to follow in his example by - individually and collectively - doing the same.

Ed Brown's act was like turning on the light of truth from the top of a lighthouse that shall become known throughout the ages and history as "A Beacon of Hope and Faith For Mankind!" This is the power that each and every one individual. We are all sovereign and given the gift of life and freedom of choice under One God so that we may freely celebrate the gift of being in communion with Him and others.

We have notified several individuals. Today is a very, very special day for We The People - in support of the cause of Freedom, Liberty and Justice in America - will formally place a US flag-stake in the ground in an open space just south of I-89 & I-90 .

Keith Costello, who hails from Maine by way of Philadelphia, will have the honor of supplying his flag to commemorate the launching of this process of reclaiming and restoring our American Republic in honor of Ed Brown. Keith was victimized by the same corrupt-tyrannical corporate, for-profit judicial system - you can click here to read all about his personal story.

We need volunteers - especially ones with digital/video cameras to record this event so that we can upload it to Google Video and Youtube.

You can contact Keith at 610-291-8822 - he's the one who's going to pick the exact spot where this flag is going to be placed. You can also contact another local volunteer-supporter, Bernie, at 603-660-2906. David Ridley from and the Free State Project won't be able to make it but you can call him at 603-721-1490 for more information.

This message is being sent to AFTF volunteers in New Hampshire and the surrounding states. Debbi Wyndham, the AFTF New Hampshire State Coordinator can be reached at 603-828-2170 c.

We are asking volunteers to begin gathering at 4:00 pm. The flag will be staked before the sun goes gown.





Blogger Harry Stottle said...

First let me congratulate you on your courage and fortitude in daring to stand up against the biggest bully in the playground. I'm in the UK by the way, but that doesn't stop me taking a keen interest in what goes on in the Police State of America, if for no other reason than I'm selfishly concerned that whatever your government gets away with over there puts evil ideas into the heads of the political class over here.

I listened to an interview you did with Alex Jones (when he'd let you get a word in edgeways!)

My ears pricked up when he started talking about the need for citizens to get out there with video cameras and to use web cams to send material, in real time, to remote servers. I've been trying to encourage this kind of behaviour for years. I call it "Trusted Surveillance" in contrast to the Untrusted Surveillance we are being enmeshed in. If you get a chance, you might wish to take a look at my introduction to the concept here

Be that as it may, I have a concern that you are in danger of making your stand on shaky ground. As you will see if you check out my December 8 blog, I was very impressed with "Freedom to Fascism" and urged my readers to buy it or at least view it.

But as you will also see from the few comments I received, one "Steve72" made a cogent argument that the basis of your own opposition and those of similar objectors (Irwin Schiff etc) to the IRS is flawed because the statute you argue does not exist does indeed. He even names it (26 USC §1) and provides links and extracts. His full argument is available here

One obvious question which arises from his argument is that if that is the appropriate answer to your challenge, then why on earth haven't the courts and judges chosen to present that answer themselves?

Nevertheless, not being American myself, and certainly not being an expert on the American legal system, I have no way of evaluating his claims and I must admit they look dangerously credible to me.

My questions to you, therefore, are 1) are you aware of his argument and, specifically that statute? and 2) if so, what is the flaw in his argument? In other words, why would that statute not grant the tax raising powers you say do not exist?

Of course, even if that statute comes as news to you and justifies the federal tax demands, that wouldn't excuse them not responding to your demands for sight of the relevant law and nor would it excuse them from their failure to grant due process. Nevertheless, your case will clearly be strengthened if you do have a sound legally based argument against the validity of that statute and if the bastards do come after you, I don't want them to have even a shred of legal cover.

You're a brave man. Liberty needs more like you.


Harry Stottle

5:58 PM  

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