Friday, February 02, 2007

Ed Brown Just Doesn't Want to Pay Taxes

Ed Brown believes himself a patriot and a rebel. He doesn't agree with the federal government on much. He especially doesn't agree with its right to take any of the money he earns. Because of this belief Brown, and his wife Elaine, were convicted on 20 counts of tax evasion. Because they haven't filed taxes since 1996, Brown and his wife face (US)$700,000 in unpaid taxes and decades in prison when they go up for sentencing in April. That's 700K in TAXES, meaning that Mr. Brown is no poor pauper.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would anyone stop paying knowing what we know. It's not the money. You have to look at the entire story of the Brown's life. Like many of us who refuse to pay, it's a matter of moral conviction, which is more important than the value of a bank account. We will pay our lawful and fair share. You want to pay more than it's your responsibility for where all that blood money goes.

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