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Brown, supporters dub effort 'Freedom University'

'Zionist Illuminati' the culprits, he says

Monitor staff

Although the comparisons between Ed Brown's stand at his Plainfield home and deaths at Waco continue to circulate among sympathetic bloggers, talk radio hosts and militia leaders, Brown and his friends have decided to opt for a different metaphor

Bill Miller, a friend of Brown's who joined him at the house to become his "chief of staff" last week, sent a message to supporters Jan. 25 that said they'd replaced the Waco paradigm. Henceforth, he wrote, they would be referring to the situation as "Operation Alamo."

"First to exercise some basic gallows humor, in that, we realize that in the event of an unlawful move against Ed Brown by the federales, carrying out an un-Constitutional policy by the IRS, validated by a bogus Soviet Union style sham trial, we the People here would be no more than a speed bump as the situation now stands," Miller wrote of his decision to adopt the title.

Three days later, he chose another name, "Freedom University."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The offical name is "Little Alamo."

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only one nes repot I have seen actually played the part where ed says "show me the law and I will pay" Fox with Marsha Mccullum I think her name is. The reast keep recycling the same words.
His Federal Taxes,
Convicted in Federal court,
Years in jail,
Million Dollars in fines.
Sounds pretty bad doesn't it. Here are the real facts. Ed and his wife stopped withholding Income tax from their WAGES because there is NO law that makes any of us liable. It is voluntary to pay what you do not owe, and to be forces violates so many constitutional rights and civil liberties that the government has no choice but to spin it the way they do. Business as usual is exactly what Ed got in Fed Court. Not allowed to present evidence, can't talk about the law, don't even think about instructing the jury as to their rights. Oh, and the government has a sound case even though they have no paper to back it all up. The assessment the IRS creates isn't worth the paper and ink because it isn't signed under proper authority. So when you watch these simplistic reports remember, they all have a stake in this, not just us poor laborers.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over the past 50 years the government has got to many people hooked on social security and to many foreign Americans that think 50% taxes is so much better than they had at home. Couple this with the millions of government employees, state and federal that think income tax pays their salary. Then let these parasites vote. They all think they live in a democracy, when in fact we have a republic. Waco TX, Ruby Ridge, and an incident in South Dakota are enough to show we have a self serving government. I am the same age as Ed. Have the same problem. I had to leave the country to avoid being placed in slavery. I will return the day the revolution starts. This self serving government has to be overthrown. Force from within is the only way. There are to many Bushes and Clinton left in the country. We need to take all the possessions, of all elected officials, set them free to live in poverty the rest of their lives. As they are doing to the people they are serving. All IRS employees need to be incarcerated for life or put to death for their crimes, According to their position. They are all parasites so deserve one or the other. Lawyers, accountants, and anyone else that computes taxes for profit fit the list. Get rid of the federal reserve. That being the root of all the evil.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There IS a law requiring Ed to pay taxes, which is 26 U.S.C section 1.

Nobody who matters disagrees, i.e., U.S. Supreme Court, the entire tax bar, accredited legal scholars here and abroad, etc. -- wacko militia conspiracy nuts and snake-oil selling paytriots notwithstanding.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dave Champion discusses the moral imperative behind proper tax administration.
Which "tax" are we talking about?
16th Amendment: What did it really do?
Federal courts say that the Tax Code “relates to taxpayers, and not to nontaxpayers”.
Dave breaks down Subtitle ‘A’ (entitled “Income Tax”) of the Internal Revenue Code so you can understand it.
Who is “made liable” for Subtitle ‘A’ tax?
What do the regulations say about who is required to the use of Taxpayer Identification Numbers?
Form W-9: What force and effect, if any; and for whom?
Dave points out how certain parts of the Code have to be “reverse engineered” to understand what is truly intended.
What is the proper role of Information Reporting, and upon whom?
These questions answered, and more!
March 27, 2004

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody above mentions TITLE 26—INTERNAL REVENUE CODE.

Our Constitution never mentions Administrative Agencies directly nor does it mention their ability to write law.

The constitution never mentions executive orders nor does it give complete sovereign immunity to the real criminals - politicians, bureaucrats, and judges.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


TITLE 26 is-not law. IRS can-not collect income tax. They can only enforce taxes on alcohol, tobacco and firearms. all stamped taxes. IRS, they are the only terrorist in the country. The U.S. now has a government called the IRS. They now make the laws and our elected officials stand by and tremble. Something is wrong with this picture. Go for it ED.

3:23 PM  

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