Saturday, February 03, 2007

Audioblog Report From Bernie and Bill MIller

Bernie and Bill Miller are in Concord, New Hampshire tonight a few miles from the Ed Brown house. They were at the Ed Brown house today with Ed Brown and gave the following audio report of the situation below.

In Segment 1 Bernie talks about how his kid in 4th grade had one of his school books that was teaching him how to fill out a 1040 form.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greatings Ed Brown My name is Bob
What you are doing is a great service to America. You are not Alone.
Absence from your wife can only Strengthen your love to each other. I pray to God your family will survive this situation.

I request an interview with you off the record but posted in the public domain as a testament to your Beliefs and Convictions. Please feel free to post at will.

1) Is it true you will have to wait until April to Appeal?

Is the record still sealed?

Is the record sealed or not, an accurate record so far? That is the transcripts etc.

2) According to common belief and the way a CPA would complete a return for someone claiming to be a taxpayer, what
amounts did you earn in exchange for common labor as compared to what the government is saying you owed?

Separately what were the penalties, interest and fees before and after court?

3) How long after you stopped withholding from your own labor did it take for the IRS to start harassing you?

4) Do you feel you were up from and open with the government or do you feel you were just keeping a low profile; as I feel all American's have a right to do?

5) Did you file an Affidavit each year in April, and specifically what?

Can you share the approach you use to express you heart felt beliefs?

What if any communications did you have between other parties to your private labor and yourself?

6) If labor is not to be paid to American's using W-2, 1099's, or 941's, where should paymasters and payroll accountants be entering these Expenses on the company’s ledger?

Being it's my opinion that the US Government is out of control, and the Sheriff is the highest law in the Land, Highest elected Official, What do you feel is the most important information to give to County Sheriffs across America?

Thank you for your time and I wish your family Liberty above All.

This email is from the desk of BOB. This is not bulk mail or spam. It is not even an auto reply. I can be reached at

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bernie, when a judge says that the appeal is premature because it is "pre-judgment" that means "pre-sentencing". According to Federal Court rules, you can't file appeal until sentencing has taken place.

1:54 PM  

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