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America: From Freedom to Fascism (part 1)

I finally watched Aaron Russo's movie "America: From Freedom to Fascism". My understanding is that there are several versions of this movie floating around. The one I watched is labeled the "Authorized director's cut", and contains a "last minute" addition of a Lou Dobbs report on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (discussed infra).

This rebuttal will focus primarily on the tax issues because (a) they are the major portion of the movie and (b) it's the area I'm most interested in. I'll include a good bit on the Federal Reserve issues as well, but most of that has been discussed in prior threads.

Read more here.

Thanks to Harry Stottle for the link.


Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

If section 1 "imposes a tax on individuals," why doesn't it say that? Why does it say it "imposes a tax on the TAXABLE INCOME of...."?

Is the tax on individuals, or is it on the TAXABLE INCOME of individuals?

Not being a lawyer or paralegal, I have to accept things as they are written. In all manner of law I have examined, laws always define the object of the law. Laws requiring vehicle license plates always define all vehicles, self-propelled and towed, and specify which require tags and which are exempt.

Why then, does neither 26 USC nor 26 CFR define INCOME? If the 16th Amendment were to read "tax on widgets, from whatever source derived," would we not expect it to define "widgets" so we could determine if we have any? Isn't it a presumption of law, indeed a requirement of law, that laws must be clear and unambiguous?

It seems to me the Congress knows how to use words and phrases that impose a tax, as can readily be seen in Title 27. No one can argue that Title 27 does not impose a tax on liquor, etc.

But the odd part is the "Effective dates of the Subtitles" found in Title 26. When the subtitleitle 1 taxes go into effect (when passed into positive law, which has not yet been done), notice that Subtitle F (enforcement provisions) becomes null and void. So, as I read that, if there are taxes there are no enforcement provisions and, if there are enforcement provisions, there are no taxes.

Anyone who has studied Larken Rose's work cannot help but see how cleverly this hoax has been structured, modified, and maintained.

8:36 PM  
Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

One further comment. I contend that the IRS is NOT a legitimate agency of the government of the United States, that it is rather a collecion agency for the Federal Reserve. The fact which best buttresses this observation is that so much of the tax statutes in effect in the United States, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and New Zealand are worded identically. Are we to believe that five governments in five different countries appointed committees who mysteriously came up with the exact same wording to communicate the law they were establishing to the people? Coincidence? Or could that be better explained by suspecting that the powers within the Federal Reserve is dictating to five countries?

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arguments about 16th ammendment ratification, etc are stupid. Again, stop trying to confuse the issues. There is only one issue whether it is 861 or not.

Where the F*** does it say my labor is taxed as INCOME. What the F*** Is INCOME.
Stop the lies and the confusion. The real issue is not even INCOME it is why does the government play the game the way they do? They are out of F***ing control>>>>......

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dave Champion discusses the moral imperative behind proper tax administration.
Which "tax" are we talking about?
16th Amendment: What did it really do?
Federal courts say that the Tax Code “relates to taxpayers, and not to nontaxpayers”.
Dave breaks down Subtitle ‘A’ (entitled “Income Tax”) of the Internal Revenue Code so you can understand it.
Who is “made liable” for Subtitle ‘A’ tax?
What do the regulations say about who is required to the use of Taxpayer Identification Numbers?
Form W-9: What force and effect, if any; and for whom?
Dave points out how certain parts of the Code have to be “reverse engineered” to understand what is truly intended.
What is the proper role of Information Reporting, and upon whom?
These questions answered, and more!

12:12 AM  
Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

Anonymous wrote: "These questions answered, and more!"

That's Champion's entire 2004 archives. What date should we look for? It would take an hour to read all the subjects of a year's worth of shows.

12:46 AM  
Blogger Leon: Tribe of Riche said...

The IRS should just state the law. Then the people can get it over with or get it on with and settle the matter once and for all. The IRS should have addressed the people with the "Redress of Grievance" and not put themselves above the law and the people. What do you expect people to do when the IRS acts like the gestapo. You can't expect people to put the fruits of their labor and lives before the IRS who treat them like cattle or sheep taking away their life earnings. It is too hard to understand. People are having hard times in this world today. Something is wrong when you can be taxed into poverty and become a slave. The system has run-a-muck and has to be fixed; and if it isn't, there will be more Ed Browns like others. Truly look what is going down in America. Stop pretending. We are loosing our country right before our very eyes. We know that this is by design not accident and the people of this country are going to fight for and defend the Constitution of America.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me too. I am a proud Tax Protester. Take me to Jail, Take all my property. Destroy my job and my life, I don't care anymore.

Come and get me you know who you are, I will not be a slave. %50 is too much. Now it is war. Against the terror in washington and every state capital.

7:13 PM  

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