Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ed Brown Standing Up For Freedom

Ed Brown Standing Up For Freedom

Ed: “We’re going to just have to script whatever we do to for the national news media because it’s just crazy.”

Doug: “Just leave them out of it I mean we’ve got our own media now.”

Ed: “That’s right, we do have our own media. They should be left out of it, I agree, but they keep saying ‘well you should get on there so the Americans that don’t understand it who don’t know can still be aware.”

Doug: “You know all you ought to do is tell the mainstream media to go to my blog. You can read all about it right there.”

Ed: “That’s what I would rather do, it’s all there. Go to the blogs.”

Doug: “You got the ability to broadcast worldwide on this blog. This is the spin free zone with Ed Brown.”

Ed: “Oh by the way I got three emails in this morning out of many and three emails are considering doing the same thing I’m doing. “

Doug: Beautiful!! You mean standing up for their rights? There are three other people who are willing to stand up for their rights? My God! Trying to protect their property?!”

Ed: They got the IRS coming down on them the same way I did and they are saying they’re….I hope they do it, I really do, hope they do it…one’s out of Michigan….if they do it that’s exactly what I would like to see happen. All over the country we just start doing it and tell them to go take a pound sand.“

Doug: “That’s a good idea!”

Ed: Everybody just say NO! You show me the law and I will pay the tax. That’s it! SIMPLE!

Doug: “Yep….nice and easy.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could somebody PLEASE get some more comments from Ed or somebody in the house about the Illuminati being behind all this, the Cessna 150 that turns into several Blackhawk helicopters, how the US is controlled by Queen Elizabeth, or the aerial spraying with contrails?

It is that stuff which really makes the Ed Brown saga what it is. Thx.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed is complaining that the mainstream media is treating him like a nutcase? Every time that Ed Brown speaks he talks about the freemasons, illuminati, and other cabals, and then the people at his house are as nutty as he is, such as confusing a small airplane for an attack by helicopters, etc.

On top of all that, now you have nutty Gene Chapman (who tried to set himself on fire and failed and then a month in a nuthouse) and Doug Kenline who spends his time bashing libertarian candidates because they don't have the right type of free site meeter.

The Ed Brown story went from one that focused on the tax honesty movement to one that is about a bunch of conspiracy nuts holed up in a house. A sad, sad day.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Relax. Take a deep breath. There's a unlimited amount of time and energy in the universe.

The truth has a natural way of revealing itself, despite the best and/or worst efforts of Ed Brown, his friends and all of those interested in watching.

This blog isn't about Ed Brown. It's about the lack of justice and due process in America and the world.

Ed is only a symptom of a much greater problem/issue - ie. the potential that waves of individuals just might feel compelled - thanks to Ed's example - to "just say no" and do the same thing. Why? Because based on the record of Ed's case and thousands of other cases - and we're only really scratching the tip of a very cold, corrupt-evil iceburg - the courts of justice are closed in America.

All we have is the Court of Public Opinion and this really is a chance for We The People to take ownership and control of the organized media - for we ARE the media!

Ed Brown, this blog and all the energy swirling around, in and through it, is really about receiving and sharing the truth concerning a numbers of lies that have been hidden from the American public and the world for too long.

For a better perspective on what's happening, please watch Aaron's movie, America: Freedom To Fascism which is now # 13 on Google Video's Top 1000 - right below "Lesbo" and "Sex Accident" - God forbid... - at this link:


5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ed Brown, this blog and all the energy swirling around, in and through it, is really about receiving and sharing the truth concerning a numbers of lies that have been hidden from the American public and the world for too long."

That's a fact. All the shills in the world won't change it, either...

6:51 PM  

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