Thursday, January 18, 2007

David Jahn Talks About Ed Brown Situation

I spoke with Ed Brown tonight. You can listen to that conversation on the blog that was set up for his case at (Ed's blog).

It was a difficult interview as Ed has obviously had a very trying day. He wants an army of people on his property now to help him secure a standoff.

I continue to hope for a peaceful resolution to this problem that doesn't involve sending this man and his wife to prison. As you'll here in my interview, he could have settled this within perhaps the last year by simply paying whatever they were demanding. Instead, he elected to present his side of the case in a court of law. But as we have seen in many of these income tax trials, defendants are denied the opportunity to present their defense.

It is painful to witness the abuse these patriotic citizens endure, simply for seeking answers to the same questions many other responsible citizens around the country are asking. Ed Brown is not alone in questioning the income tax laws. Many educated people claim the income tax laws simply don't say what the government would like us to believe they say.

Obviously he is going through a very difficult time. I'm not sure what lies ahead or what the outcome is going to be. I do know that ordinary people presented with the facts, tend to side with Ed Brown and his wife, so the court of public opinion may be in their favor. I can only pray that it is sufficient enough to overcome the evil that often comes at the hand of our government in these cases.

I'll post more as it comes.

David Jahn

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Anonymous Mark said...

Typical, helpful comments erased by the freedom lovers. Guess that doesn't extend to freedom of speech. Then again no one said that delusional people were logical. STOP ENCOURAGING HIM, you are not helping him see any sense or reality, you are just egging him on and assuring that he will meet a bad end. If you feel so strongly mount a campaign to pay his tax bill.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed Brown has offered to pay his tax bill in full in cash. The government has refused his offer.

12:27 AM  

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