Thursday, January 18, 2007

Audioblog with "Bernie" from inside Ed Brown's house this afternoon

Bernie is a friend of Ed Brown. He attended pretty much the entire trial. As we were doing this interview he said there were some 25-30 individuals on Ed's property, including major national television and cable news organizations interviewing Ed one at a time. The verdict from the jury this morning came down guilty on all counts for both Ed and his wife, Elaine. After the verdict all heck broke loose with interest from the local and national news organizations. Ed has been making dozens of interviews with radio stations all across the country. Bernie said he's exhausted, but he's getting a lot of support.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We learned from Irwin's trial that the law is not what is found in the law books, the law is whatever the judge says it is. Judges ignore the law and the supreme court. They are in court representing the Federal Reserve (creditor)against the defendant (debtor)in a court of equity. It is their JOB to do everything they can to ensure a guilty verdict.

Every single newspaper article you see posted on this blog was written for the newspapers by the PR department of the IRS.

Why is anyone surprised in the Brown case? Don't be surprised when they conduct an armed invasion of the Brown home and see that it gets maximum publicity. You'll see the picture of the Brown home over and over, to create the impression that here is a wealthy couple who refuses to pay "their fair share" of the tax burden, implying that if they had paid their share, perhaps they could not have afforded to live such a lavish lifestyle. It's the class envy that helps jury members (none of whom have such homes) to "put them away."

The reason for the big show the feds will put on is the timing. It's January, and April 15 approaches. They want to scare the bejesus out of the masses who will now flock to the IRS and pay "their fair share" for fear of being "next."

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please continue with these Audioblogs.
Its very important to hear this perspective.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred good points.

Its already starting to be said. look at these rich people. They should pay their share. etc. etc.

Fact of the matter is Their is no law that individual labor can be taxed federaly. Federal Employees, Corporations, and individuals/businesses collecting rents and lot fees must pay taxes. Ed. is a great man. The first day I met him 4 years or so ago, he took me up to his office and taught me what a citizen was. Ed explained to me the knights templar and who these controllers of our world are. Ed showed me his gun and told me he was prepared to defend himself.

Ed and his wife ran a shop that sold legal Herbs, for medicinal purposes. My family shopped at the herb shop quite often. My mother had Elaine as a dentist and was always impressed with the work.
What im trying to say here is these people are not some rich people trying to get away with something. These people are educated and want to stick up for their rights. I support them 100%. Im thinking about walking around my current home city of Portland Maine with a sign that says Ed. Brown is right!!! and hand out copies of freedom to fascisim and flyers. If I had a motor vehicle I would make the trip over to plainfield, but I only have a bicycle these days, yes even ride it through the snow and 2 degree weather, hey I lost 40lbs since May.

Much respect to the Brown's

7:04 PM  

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