Monday, July 20, 2009

Concord Monitor - Filing: New evidence for Browns

Concord Monitor - Filing: New evidence for Browns: "July 20, 2009 - 8:06 am

Less than an hour after a federal jury found Ed and Elaine Brown guilty of conspiracy, weapons possession and obstruction of justice, a man claiming to be a security contractor involved in their case called Ed Brown's lawyer and said he had information that could help the defense, court documents say.

That man, who told Michael Iacapino that his name was David Quinn and that he worked for a company called the Forseti Group, said his company's employees had helped arrest the Browns ā€“ and that details about their capture offered at trial were not accurate.

Prosecutors in the case say investigators never hired Quinn or the Forseti Group, but the Browns' lawyers have relied on Quinn's phone call to ask the judge for an investigation of the potential new evidence and have called for a new trial if it is legitimate."

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tax Evaders Guilty of Plot to Kill Feds - CBS News

Tax Evaders Guilty of Plot to Kill Feds - CBS News: "(AP) A couple were convicted Thursday on all counts of plotting to kill federal agents during a nine-month standoff at their fort-like rural home, where they had holed up to avoid arrest on tax evasion."


In case some of you have not seen this report...
Tax Evaders Guilty of Plot to Kill Feds - CBS News

Oh for the love of Pete! Now, self defense on your own property... hell in your own home for that matter, is not allowed if the aggressors are from mother government. Didn't the British do the same thing to Americans a couple of hundred of years ago when America was a British colony? Is New Hampshire a United States colony or sovereign state?
It's neither one; it is a British Colony. Now you are getting the picture of what happens when one challenges the 'system' from the Pope's property in which the alleged 'homeowner' holds a mere equitable interest. There is no such thing as ownership of private property in America. So, we may just as well rent and let others remain under that disability. You see, protecting oneself, or what one thought was his property, does not fly in the courts as the Browns discovered. The 'system' will just auction off the property to pay the alleged back taxes and fines. That is the way the 'system' works. Forget rights, that only happens in movies and fairy tales. If anyone is going to mount such a challenge as the Browns did, they had better be judgment proof and prepared to spend a long time in federal custody. Sad to say, but that is the reality of the situation.

Bob J

Economist's View: Money Monopoly

Economist's View: Money Monopoly: "Marshall Auerback says California is challenging the federal monopoly on money creation:

Schwarznegger to Obama: Watch and Learn, by Marshall Auerback: According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Republicans and Democrats alike embraced legislation last Friday that would make California IOUs legal tender for all taxes, fees and other payments owed to the state.

Effectively, California is using its IOUs to create a currency. If this bill passes it would allow California to deficit spend just like the Federal Government and with the IOU's acceptable as payment of state taxes, it instantly imparts value to them. In effect, what you have is a state of the union creating a sovereign currency right under the noses of Treasury, Fed. They are stumbling their way into it... It will be viewed as a stop gap measure at first, and then could very well become entrenched as states realize they have a way to escape balanced budget requirements. ..."

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Camp FEMA - Giant Prison Grid