Thursday, October 30, 2008

Report From Bill Benson's Hearing

U.S. v. William Benson, 08-1312 and 08-1586

Report of Oral Arguments

On Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 2008, oral arguments were held in the 7th Cir. Court of Appeals for the appeal of U.S. v. Benson. The District Court issued an injunction, enjoining Bill Benson from selling his “Reliance Defense” package, but denied the government the list of people who purchased the package from Bill. A complete explanation of the case and why it is so important, can be read at . Bill appealed, and the government filed a cross appeal.

The oral arguments were before Judges Bauer, Evans, and Ripple. Between 25 and 30 Patriots were there to show support for Bill Benson and the First Amendment. The court was announced into session by a man with a heavy Eastern European [Communist] accent, which was very appropriate for a case where the government is banning books and information.

Bill’s attorney, Jeff Dickstein delivered a spectacular and stunning argument. When the case was called, Jeff sprang to the podium and immediately picked up a stack of documents in each hand and said, “these are certified public documents from the National Archive... and this is a government report. The government says Bill Benson can’t sell these!” Initially, Judges Evans and Bauer had smirks on their faces and almost mocked Dickstein, until they made the mistake of challenging him. Bauer sarcastically said, “you have to pay taxes or go to jail”. Bauer stated, “the Supreme Court ruled the 16th Amendment was ratified”. Dickstein cut him off and hollered, “Name the case! What case?” Judge Bauer stuttered, “duh duh duh”. Judge Evans came to Bauer’s rescue by saying, “we will ask the questions here”.

Dickstein brilliantly argued that Bill has the right to disseminate information, especially when it is true. Judges Evans and Bauer attempted to make the case solely into a 16th Amendment case, instead of a First Amendment case. While rolling his eyes, Evans asked Dickstein if he could cite one case saying the 16th Amendment was not ratified, and is he aware that this issue has been before all the courts several times and the courts have ruled against it. Dickstein cried out that “Mr. Benson believes the courts are wrong! And it his right to say the courts are wrong. Mr Benson believes you have committed TREASON!” At this point Evans and Bauer lost their arrogant attitude and the smirks were wiped clean off their faces as Dickstein proceed to rip them a new bunghole.

Dickstein correctly argued that Bill Benson has the right to change the political thinking by showing people the material he has researched and that the government cannot silence any person’s attempt to educate the public simply because the government doesn’t agree.

In a loud commanding tone, Dickstein lifted his arm, pointed to the black bailiff and said, “this man was property because of bad decisions of this court!” Wow! You could have heard a fish fart in that court room at that point. Dickstein repeatedly slammed the judges for their erroneous decisions and refusal to allow the 16th Amendment issue to reach it’s merits. Dickstein’s argument was razor sharp and he knows the issue and the law. Dickstein’s arguments were so compelling that I almost stood up and cheered. It didn’t take long for the judges to see what a mistake it was to ask Dickstein anything. Dickstein was the only attorney in all the cases heard that day to be told “your time is up”.

On behalf of the government, a female U.S. Attorney gave an unconvincing argument that Bill Benson’s “Reliance Defense” package directed people to stop paying income taxes. It was at this time that the silent Judge Ripple came to life. He stated that the act of selling documents does not mean it is “commercial speech”, and that any person can read the material and decide for himself whether to act on it or not. Embarrassingly, the U.S. Attorney said that the material being sold [separately] was ok, but when packaged together, it was illegal. This argument is ludicrous, if not funny.

After referring to the Bell case [3rd Cir.], Judge Ripple told the U.S. Attorney that “the language in Bell is terribly broad.” Finally, Judges Bauer and Evans joined in on challenging the U.S. Attorney about the First Amendment implications. The U.S. Attorney also stated that the government “needs the list of names” of everyone Bill sold the Reliance Defense package to, because “those people are victims”. What a laugh. If the government gets those names, then they will surely be victims.

Bill was sitting front and center, and as the U.S. Attorney would make false statements [which was most of the time], Bill would adamantly shake his head “no” while groaning in disapproval.

Although the judges put on a good First Amendment show for the audience, we will not know how they will rule until the opinion is handed down [quietly and out of public view]. But one thing I do know, Bill Benson and Jeff Dickstein are Heros! I was very proud to stand beside them. For those of you not there, you missed one of the greatest oral arguments of our day. As one Patriot in attendance stated, “that was definitely worth the price of admission!”


PS. Click to list to Dickstein's oral arguments.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Osama Bin Laden can be on your ballot

By Orly Taitz

Many of you know that attorney Phil Berg is filling his appeal in the Superior Court. His case Berg v Obama and DNC stated that according to the statements made by Sarah Obama, the paternal grandmother and other relatives of presidential candidate Barack Obama, he was born in Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii, as he states, which means that he is not a natural born US citizen and therefore ineligible to be the president of the US. Additionally at the age of six, he moved with his mother to Indonesia and his school registration there shows him as an Indonesian citizen. Since Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship at the time, it means that Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother had to relinquish his US citizenship in order to obtain Indonesian citizenship for him.

Federal judge Surrick has noted lack of standing in his decision, which necessitated the appeal to the Supreme Court. According to Judge Surrick, the proper plaintiff will be the congress and not a voter. Considering the fact that the congress is predominantly democratic and is craving to see the Democrat in the white house; the ordinary voters of this country have a better chance of being struck by the lightening, then expecting justice to be upheld and Congress voting to check eligibility of Barack Obama.

This situation has stirred some serious outrage among a large number of voters that decided to seek justice in the State courts, filing legal actions against Secretaries of States, demanding that those Secretaries of States check Obama’s eligibility and check his original birth certificate, that contains the name of the hospital and the name of the doctor and other documents.( the registry of life birth on Obama’s website was issued in 2007 and doesn’t contain much of the information that can be found on the original Birth Certificate from the hospital). 7 legal actions were filed in different states and plaintiffs found out that majority of States are not checking any documents, but rather have the candidates sign a form, where they certify that they are eligible and able to perform the duties of the president.

Hypothetically speaking Osama Bin Laden can sign one of these forms and run for President of the US, nobody would check his birth certificate or any other forms.

Ladies and gentlemen, please check your ballots, you never know who can pop up there.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

NH: Gun Trial of Free Stater could challenge carry laws

NH: Feds release Canario arrest vid

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Bailout,The Fed And The Fraud-NWO

McCain Linked to Cross Border Persecution by Northwest Airlines

Important Links

IMPORTANT LINKS Videos Mp3’s and Corroboration Links(***Please mirror these links once I post them-Government will try to remove all trace of our ordeal to facilitate murder under stealth of occlusion Just like they removed my website ***)Aaron James 204 509 1944 Linda James204 889 9134


Government Downs our Website And then ATTACKS


McCain's Ties to Northwest Airlines Motivation
for Covert Persecution 3 years ongoing:

Presidential candidate John McCain I have now discovered, is deeply connected to the persecution ongoing against my mother and I in the wake of the Jan 18/06 Minneapolis Northwest Airlines profiling attack upon my mother and I, via his close association with Northwest Airlines, the official airline of his political campaign and the fact that his lawyers have Northwest Airlines as one of their top two primary clients!!- a detail which I have just this second uncovered, the most profound aspect, bar none of our ordeal.


***--->>>Northwest Airlines is primary supporter of McCain re airlines

CEO Douglass Steeland is very pro McCain and primary airlines supporter of his campaign complete with magazine photos and coverage in Daily Traveler magazine

***McCain's lawyers amongst the 133 lobbyists working for McCain

have Northwest Airlines as their primary clients!!!

The individuals in this chart are all current or former lobbyists who either serve as fundraisers for McCain's campaign or senior aides or advisers. There are currently 118 126 129 130 133 134 lobbyists working for or raising money for McCain's campaign.

Firm / Employer Campaign Role

Lawyers for McCain
Select List of Clients

Northwest Airlines Union Telephone

U.S. Chamber of Commerce


ARTICLE McCain Supporting Northwest Airlines:
"1) If you've taken a flight on Northwest Airlines in August you may have noticed the full cover of their in-flight magazine, World Traveler, greets you with the trio of Norm Coleman, John McCain, and Tim Pawlenty with the headline "The Republican's Are Coming!" The full-length photo identifies "Presidential candidate John McCain is flanked by Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty." Meanwhile Barack Obama gets a less than two inch inset headshot photo which fails to mention that he is a senator, also a Presidential candidate, oh, yeah, and that his name is Barack Obama.

2) Then there's the message from NWA President & CEO Doug Streland which reminds us that his airline is the official airline of the Republican convention.
3) Inside the magazine, the splashy feature article on the Republican convention includes the cover photo of the three men again along with brief descriptions of them, including "fun facts."
4) An article called "Denver: Eat, Sleep, Play," is more or or less a travel guide for the city, and includes a 4 inch photo of Obama captioned "Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama." He gets no bio or "fun facts."

So, my questions are basic: Why is John McCain a "Presidential candidate" and Barack Obama just a "Presumptive Democratic nominee?" Why is Obama uncaptioned on the cover? Why use the word "flanked" rather than "appears with" or just their names as in the second Obama photo. Why do the Republicans get bios and Obama nothing? Why is part of my NWA airfare going to support the Republican Party and John McCain?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

NH native joins "right to travel" revolution

NH: Ridley's strangest ads, plus some normal ones

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pro-Fed author: Brown prisons "horrible...dangerous"

Monday, October 06, 2008

NH: Feds to charge Canario with more "crimes?"

NH: Cops threaten Kanning family with arrest

Sunday, October 05, 2008

NH: FedJudge threatens Kanning with 2 yrs