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NH: Gun activist open carries into Manchester police station

Friday, June 27, 2008


David Snider Requesting Legal Assistance

I am looking for legal help researching, drafting and editing of motions. I need a person or persons knowledgable in Oregon Criminal Law to help with the above. The trial is for the charge of Using, storing and/or diverting "the states water" (which is on my ranch). It is a class B misdemeamor. The trial date is Aug 26-27 2008. The land in question was passed into private ownership by patent. I am not now nor would I ever deny or block the water from or to my neighbors that would damage them. The issues are Constitutional (interferering with the obligation of contracts and expos facto law Article I section 10 ). The judge has not responded to my motions with fact, law or evidence only opinion and is claiming he will not allow the Constitutional issues to be presented before the jury and is setting the trial for a 6 person jury without regard to my written and oral objections. The search
warrant and evidence were gathered illegally.I have serious health problems which are part of the reason for my request. Please contact me if you meet the above requirements.

David Kay Snider

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Revolution March: Ron Paul announces the march on YouTube!

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FSP founder Jason Sorens moving to New Hampshire?


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How moving to NH inspired Ron Paul supporter Rene

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Gilford NH: The Beauty of Porcupine Festival

David Davis- MP Quits and Stands Against The NWO!

request from elaine to anyone who can help

Keith in RI shared the following 9 days ago:

Could Keith put out a request on the internet for people to send a few $$ to my account? I'm down to $5, soon won't be able to buy stamps or e-mail minutes. Sorry to be burdensome. I have asked some to do so, nothing has come in yet. I am mostly concerned about being able to communicate.
Thank you

to donate send postal money order to
elaine brown #03923-049
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001
write the money order payable to elaine brown not the bureau of prisons.

updates on reno from jose

Keith in RI reports:

I just heard from a supporter about Cirino.

You may have already read in the forums;
Despite (attorney) David Bownes' having prepared documentation to have himself fired by Cirino, the judge denied this action.

Cirino was presented with a written agreement that was too different from his verbal agreement with prosecutors.

He refused to sign and proceded to outburst at the judge for allowing such injustice to occur in the court.

Cirino cried tears of frustration prompting other members in the court to similar emotional reactions.

Twice, the judge stated that he wished he could help him; on the second time, Cirino interrupted the judge and said "YOU CAN!"

At one point, the judge asked Cirino "What do you want?" to which Cirino stated that he wanted to go home.

He was not released and we have yet to know what will occur.

The supporter reports that Cirino was told that he was being tranferred to another jail after he had left his phone cards behind (that explains his calls) but he remains in the Merrimack facility.

My heart aches at knowing that my son was frustrated to tears.

However, the supporter said that Cirino reported having been treated very differently (almost as a human being) by everyone in the court from that moment on.

More information as I get it.

keep the faith

:{ jmg

NH: Jury rights demo to precede Brown supporter trial

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Police Called On 14 Year Old Student For Talking

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WeAreCHANGE: Education In America

Patriotism or Nationalism, You Decide!

NH: Ron Paul sympathizers detained for open carry

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NH: First vid from PorcFest

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Dave Ridley encounters scary situation with postal workers