Friday, March 28, 2008

Danny Riley Trial Underway

Video Shows Feds Firing On Ed Brown's Dog Walker Last Summer

Monday, March 24, 2008

Scoop: Lulling Americans Into False Sense of Security

Scoop: Lulling Americans Into False Sense of Security: "Along with 196 other votes against the bill, Rep. Ron Paul weighed in on HR 3773 by saying, “This bill will allow the federal government to engage in the bulk collection of American citizens’ communications. In effect, it means that any American may have his electronic communications monitored without a search warrant. As such, the bill clearly violates the Fourth Amendment.” Rep. Paul went on to point out that of the 50,000 National Security Letters issued around 30,000 were issued, NOT for suspected terrorists, but for Americans. He later added, “When we come to accept that the government can spy on us without a court order, we have come to accept tyranny.”"

The Power of We The People

Friday, March 21, 2008

Concord, NH: "Free Bill Miller" demonstration

There's Always Hope: The Power of ONEness

Liberty & justice for everybody From Germany ANTI NWO LISBON

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bear Stearns, Jim Cramer, The Federal Reserve, JP Morgan

Monday, March 17, 2008

NH: Liberty activist Russell Kanning arrested in Keene

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"The REVOLution Continues" With We The People cont.

Discover the Right the Government hopes you never learn about! See the plan that will take the Revolution to the next level!

WTP Chairman Bob Schulz is interviewed in Concord, MA about the profound power of the First Amendment Right to Petition the government ... all » for Redress of Grievances. The little-known history and power of the "capstone Right" goes back 800 years to Magna Carta. Learn how this important Right could quickly restore Constitutional Order and why the Government does not want you to know about it. Visit for more information.

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NH Trial: Keene resident refuses to pay car registration

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Police State Secret Bill(Classified)

High Tide: The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

Grassroots effort stresses continuing the Ron Paul Revolution, restoring the spirit of freedom in the country and turning back the tide of sprawling foreign wars and disastrous economic policy | March 13, 2008

The High Tide could be a lifting anthem for the Ron Paul Revolution as it seeks ways to voice its message in the post-campaign era. The video features high quality 3-D animation and Dr. Ron Paul's voice. It's stunning imagery dramatically portrays the dark landscape of spreading wars and an unfolding economic wasteland that have resulted from bad policy.

It carries also the spirit of freedom that Ron Paul hoped his campaign would rekindle-- and in many ways already has-- as people across the country are now sparking debate over scaling back government power and following constitutionally-based policies.

Click here for more - along with a high-resolution version of the same.


Federal Bureau Prisons Censoring Ed and Elaine's Mail

We sent Ed and Elaine priority mail packages 2+ weeks ago with typewritten letters - each got a copy of the other's letter - along with 1) one America: Freedom To Fascism (AFTF) DVD; and 2) two copies of the current issue #5 and issue #3 of Republic Magazine.

Less than 1 1/2 weeks later we received the AFTF DVD we sent to Elaine and a few days later both the AFTF DVD and the two issues of Republic Magazine were returned from the prison where Ed is located.

The good news is that Elaine gets to share two copies of Republic Magazine with her fellow prisoners and prison guards. The bad news is that they don't trust Ed with the truth.

Special thanks to Gary Franchi and the folks at for keeping the flame of liberty and truth - which Aaron Russo ignited - alive.

We also sent in some money to charge up Ed and Elaine's commissary accounts. Please be sure to keep communicating with Ed and Elaine via mail and try to send in some money to their commisssary account so that they can continue to use the phone and buys stamps and other needed supplies in prison.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Join the Freedom Revolution Tour 2008

Freedom Shenanigan #26

Join the Freedom Revolution Tour 2008

Help to organize and sponsor a local venue for the message of life, liberty, peace and prosperity.

The Ron Paul Presidential Campaign might be winding down, but the
FREEDOM has only just started!

The Revolution Tour is an exciting America-wide tour comprising inspiring freedom-loving individuals in the arts. Musicians, poets, painters, speakers, all coming together to proclaim water in a dry and thirsty land.

Join us NOW!

Fill in our Sign Up page and join the chorus of life and liberty.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Govnr. Lynch meets NH Liberty Alliance over Real ID (1 of 5)

NH: Elaine Brown speaks to supporters from prison (1 of 2)

Sponsor: - Plainfield, New Hampshire tax protestor addresses the public 5 months after Fed Marshals seized her at her home home in October.

Original source audio:
"movie" value="">
YouTube - NH: Elaine Brown speaks to supporters from prison (1 of 2)


Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!!

May your fall be steep and severe, governor.

Sweet, sweet karmic justice. Now, let’s all watch as a man who rose to power and fame by railroading people on ridiculous charges himself get tripped up by a dumb, unjust law.

I’ll get the popcorn. This one is going to be fun.

Friday, March 07, 2008

"restricted contact with elaine"

Keith wrote on 3/5:

i just received an email from david elaines son
telling me the prison facility has now restricted her
from contacting ME through email or phone calls. no
explanation why! also ed was supposed to call
yesterday at noon and he never did so now i assume
that he is also being restricted from contacting me
too. it is either the phone calls i recorded or the
aftf discs ive been sending to prison guards that did
it. either way this sucks. hopefully she finds out
soon and lets me know...


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pete Is Pissed!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Couple acquitted of tax fraud

Pam and James Moran are taking their time driving home from Seattle to Montrose, Colo., since it seems like they have all the time in the world.

That hasn't always been the case. For the past seven years, they've lived with the possibility that they would spend their middle age behind bars.

Things were darkest just after Christmas 2004, when a federal jury in Seattle convicted them — along with 10 others — in a massive conspiracy and tax-evasion scheme known as Anderson's Ark and Associates, based in Seattle. Hundreds of investors lost as much as $62 million in the scheme, which involved sham investments and tax shelters in Costa Rica.

The Morans each faced seven years in prison and were ordered to pay restitution of more than $30 million.

The couple appealed and won a new trial. And last week — almost three years to the day of their convictions — another Seattle jury acquitted them of a combined 74 felony counts following a 21-day trial. "We chose to take a stand and let the truth be told," Pamela Moran, 56, said Thursday by phone.

Read more here.

Monday, March 03, 2008

64 Felony Charges Beaten: Team Minns Levels IRS - DOJ

By Tedd Peck
Investigative Reporter - (Edward Snook Contributing)

Seattle, Washington – Two innocent and patriotic citizens dodge 64 IRS lethal bullets in a triumph for justice and the American way.

James and Pamela Moran

Last Christmas, the spirit of the season bestowed upon a Montrose, Colorado couple the greatest gift of all, freedom! James and Pamela Moran, facing a possible 180 combined years of incarceration were found not guilty by a jury of their peers on all 64 charges of an indictment in a Federal Courtroom. This victory defied all odds because the Moran’s were convicted of the same charges in December of 2004. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the Moran’s 2004 convictions, granting them the new trial.

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Ron Paul and Tax Terrorism

Dr. Paul wants to go directly for the jugular of the REAL terrorists in America - the IRS and the Federal Reserve!by creator

♣ ter·ror·ism Pronunciation Key - [ter-uh-riz-uhm] The Dreaded IRSThe Dreaded IRS
–noun 1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
Source: Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

The IRS is, by fundamental dictionary definition, a terrorist organization. We are presently in the middle of what radio show host Dave Champion likes to call the annual "Tax Terrorism" season, that span of time from January 1st through the April 15th witching hour when tax returns are due. "Terrorism" is a very apt description because the operation and success of the IRS are based almost entirely on fear.Ron Paul and Tax Terrorism

Aimee Allen TILII!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

NH: Call to action for March 5

Saturday, March 01, 2008

elaine browns first recorded call from danbury f.c.i.

Howard petitions against NH Primary process

YouTube - Howard petitions against NH Primary process: "Sponsor: - Michigan Republ...
Added: March 01, 2008"