Saturday, November 03, 2007

Update On Ed and Elaine

We have very limited direct knowledge of their exact situation and condition, but we received a letter from Elaine during this past week. She wrote:

"I was also on solitude watch for the first day, but I was clothed in prison garb and was not mistreated. I am ok physically and spiritually and am accepting of my situation."

What can we do to help Ed and Elaine? Please write them letters - their addresses can be found at this link. Donate to the commissary accounts - click here to donate to Ed's account and here to donate to Elaine's account.

There are folks around the country who are working to help Ed and Elaine in other ways with legal papers, advice and counsel. We are not privy to all of these developments but will try to share whatever we can - within reason and with respect to privacy concerns - here on this blog.

Thoughts and prayers are very powerful. Please keep Ed and Elaine in your thoughts and prayers. Try to envision being part of this positive and prayerful process that continues to shine the light of truth while connecting and extending the stand they made to this ongoing social-political and spiritual revelation-revolution toward divine love, mercy and justice in America and the world in general.

And, by all means, please support Ron Paul for President in 2008.



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