Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Letter From Elaine


Dear [We The People]:

I am sending you a copy of a letter Ed sent to a friend of ours, Joe Haas. Please read it on the show and post it on the web site.

What are they doing to Ed? He has responded that for 3 days at the detention center in R.I. he was gassed and had to lie on the floor by the door to be able to breath the air coming in under the door.

Is there a lawyer out there who can help? They are killing him.


ED BROWN LETTER - copy of a typed letter which appears to have been published originally in the Keene Free Press - see below

Letter from Ed Brown to Joe Haas

Thank you for the first info I have had in weeks. I need to know of my wife.

The treatment has been tortuous up to this point. I've been gassed (3 days), chlorine water burned my mouth and damaged my larynx. I was horse for several days. I was laying on the floor of the cell trying to breathe under the space at the bottom of the cell door for 5 hours one night and 8 hours the next night while fumes blew into the cell.

I was told that I was on suicide watch and already chilled from six days of abuse in Rhode Island. This Ohio doctor decides to put me into an observation deprivation room: I will remember Dr. Clifford and his team for the rest of my life. They hurt me Joe and it's permanent. This is what my wife and I get for trying to save a nation.

Why would anyone, especially a psychologist and medical staff, take an already cold, dehydrated, underfed individual, that was in mild shock and stressed with constant blowing air (A.C.) 10-15 mph, and temp about 45 degress with chill factor. I was naked except for some kind of horse blanket and the wind was blowing directly on the bed in the center of the room under extremely bright lights. This room was nothing more than a punishment room in the S.H.U. (Segregation Housing Unit).

These are cruel people Joe and they mean to get their point across. They did. Now I understand the harshness of their resolve world wide.

Would you be so kind as to send a few $$ so that I may buy stamps, etc. As Elaine was, I am isolated from "all support" with intent. This is my first ability to get anything out. I am not let out of this deprivation cell which is kept cold, cold, cold 24 hours a day. I'll call as soon as they let me.

Edward Lewis clan Brown

Editor's Note: This letter seems to have originally appeared in the Keene Free Press, but we do not know the date. If someone reading this knows someone who works for/with the Keene Free Press please send an email to freeedandelaine@gmail.com so we can make sure this information gets published/shared on this and other blogs.



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